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Thread: Help me Im getting hacked

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    Angry Help me Im getting hacked

    I dont know too much about this person or kid but he really is fetting on my nerves here is he info on this kid comeing from my black ice defender IP is DNS is cm-24-161-30-85 his NODE is WORKGROUP and his NetBios is PEESHSERVER1
    MAC: 00a0242B5816
    thats all I have on this person I tried to find out more but he has allready gotten into my system and changed a few things in less than a few hours please help me if you can abuse@ didnt help me at all? thank you from a very frustrated person.

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    what ports were scanned? typically with black ice you can block ips for a month. or tune the firewall.ini file to allow a more control

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    so ,what kind of attack it is because if it is a DDOS(denial of service) then is not the fault of that IP . It is a fake IP .

    If you have an another kind of attack then contact with his ISP

    ServiceCo LLC - Road Runner (NET-ROAD-RUNNER-5)
    13241 Woodland Park Road
    Herndon, VA 20171

    Netname: ROAD-RUNNER-5
    Netblock: -
    Maintainer: SCRR

    ServiceCo LLC (ZS30-ARIN)

    Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


    Record last updated on 06-Aug-2001.
    Database last updated on 24-Oct-2001 02:52:58 EDT.

    i hope this help a little
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    you say he has changed a few things? I don't see how he could change anything very noticable on your computer without using a might consider downloading the cleaner, just to be safe (unless you have an updated virus scanner, which many people don't)

    you can get it from if i recall
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    not to be offensive or anything.... hmm, you know what, i used to "hack" (i like to call it monitor) into ppl computer just like you. ppl that were stupid enough to dl a trojan (i used sub seven, call me what you will) and screw their comp up. i got 5 cents saying that you are under the age of 13 (or you are 13) and you tried to dl porn. now this might not be the case, or it is.

    now the cure.
    since you know his ip, contact your local isp and tell them what happened. they will have a log of ip address and who used them at what times. if you truly want to get rid of the trojan, i advise you to re-format your hdd.


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    You might wanna rethink using black ice. I remember i read somewhere that it was vulnerable. I also saw different screen shots of different computers that were compromised running black ice. I must agree with Homer download a cleaner. Hmm what kind of stuff was changed?? How do you know he managed to get in?

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    if you truly want to get rid of the trojan, i advise you to re-format your hdd.
    WTF. . . . . um. NO. Why not just download a cleaner like Evil Homer said. . . and download an update to your virus scanner. Bagz. . . try looking at Laterz

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    i don't trust cleaners! you can never go wrong with reformatting the hdd. sure it's a pain in the ass, but it's worth it. good thing i don't have to worry about it. i would never do something as retarded as this person! but that's why i'm here folks, to help you out. i don't mean to hurt you, i just want to help. mmm crazy pills, goooood


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