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Thread: help with hex editons....

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    Question help with hex editons....


    hey guys....someone know something about hex edit
    all the information, is welcome ... I am new in this area..

    thank you all of you guys....


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    prove in this way

    open visual c++
    open a exe file as type binary
    and learn from the results

    in the left you have the offset
    in center the hex and then the binary data

    be carefull

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    Hex editors...

    Hex editors are just very generalised editors which can edit any kind of file. This you probably already know. They let you change the values in any location in any type of file to whatever you want them to be. They can be dangerous if you don't know enough about the file you're editing - but of course, the simple solution is to play with files that are not critically important (for example, if you're poking around in a program on your system, make a copy of the file that you can safely play with rather than risking the original).

    Good hex editors are all over the place. You get a few free with Linux. If you're looking for a free or shareware one, just have a look around on:

    There should be quite a bit of useful information on the 'web about them, too, if you want more detail; just do a web search. Bear in mind, though, that what you're looking for is probably not information about hex editors, but information about the formats of the files you're editing with your hex editor. If you need information about the editor itself, check its manual. If you need information about the file format...well, this depends, but you can probably get a lot of that sort of thing from the 'web.

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