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Thread: Sure, magic1, whatever you say :)

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    Post Sure, magic1, whatever you say :)

    I couldn't help to read a current thread by magic1. For those who have read it, and those who have replied to it you understand why I smile.

    In it he states why he is pissed off at the world, well our community in general.

    1.) He hates people who judge other by usernames.
    2.) He is annoyed at seg-b and other users
    3.) Well I can't really understand his third point, due to really bad english, and the fact that it is unclear. But he speaks of a "new internet world order" and the joy of making software by yourself.

    I normally wouldn't take time with this, and just laught at it like most of us have already done, but I just had to.

    My response to his points are:

    1.) get use to it. Just like in life, if you have a funny first name in school, chances are your going to get picked on. so get use to it. Until you can gain respect, your going to get picked on.

    2.) Seg-b. I have never ran across one of his post. nor have I went searching for them, but every community needs an joker, and annoyance. If Seg-b wants to rise to the occasion, let him do so. But that is his M.O. not yours. Some find him funny, some don't.

    3.) What the @#$&? Programming is always better when you can get a group of people to work on it together. "Use that software for free?" <- ain't that open source... ain't linux open source, so am I cheating Trovalt but using linux.

    "Do you want to make a cracker program ? just make a bad code thats all . make a dead loop and thats all ." How is the hell is that a cracker program? Maybe you could be so kind to explain it. If I have an never ending loop, that would hang my system, how in the hell would that crack anything?

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    thanks for dedicating me a new thread

    sorry for my english .It is bad i know .Not all peoples are from USA .

    If somebody is nice with you and when you go he speaks bad for you i DONT THINK THAT THIS IS NICE (in my country culture).I have posted that think only to let you know .Nothing more.I dont have to cry or something like that .

    And i was writing about when you steal a program .

    Do you want a mail bomber .get a free asp hosting site
    Use cdonts.newmail ,put it in a DEAD or INFINITE loop ,and select a target.Thats all .

    thanks for the thread one more time

    If God had intended
    Man to program,
    we would be born
    with serial I/O ports.

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    Red face

    Ho Hum, the rants of ugly 15 yr olds.

    Here's a hint magic, turn off your computer, get a date (and not your hand)

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    you have a lot to learn magic1

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    magic1 continues to get spanked,by others and I guess his self too.

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    Like the ole saying goes... If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. Or in this case... The Message boards.....

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    Well.. You DO get to pick your own username... we do not get random names, whereas.. someone may get the username.. "Iamcool" and the unfortunate individual will get the name.. "Ismellbad"

    My point? First.. pick a name that YOU feel comfortable with.. who cares what others think? Do something strange for a day and you'll see what it is like.. such as.. a guy painting their nails black.. You may feel weird that day.. but.. the guy who does things differently EVERY day walks with confidence..

    Second.. who cares about Seg-B.. generally.. if someone bothers you.. such as an annoyance on the phone.. you would hang up, right? So.. why would you let a post bother you? Some people do have illnesses.. Hell.. they might make 5 accounts and respond to their own posts.. It is disgusting how some people are.. just today.. I was looking at the usernames.. there are an unbelievable amount of them.. and.. most of them are with zero posts.. What is there purpose here then? They should be deleted.. chances are.. they're abusing the antipoint system.. I wouldn't be surprised.. If someone can find a way to take advantage of something they will...

    Third.. If you don't speak English well... which I highly doubt, considering I can mess up entire posts if it is too early... Then speak German..

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    Thumbs down

    A big thumbs down on this one: Some time back I posted to the Newbie section with a problem (Help!!!). I had one hundred views, Magic1 primarily stepped up to bat, with some help from aarobonob, stflook and intruder. I was able to get my box back up and running without a major partitoning and reload of my current programs (photoshop, amapi 3d, and numerous other fairly large loads). Thanks all!!!!
    So what is it with a name????
    I you'll look the dude is from Albania, I bet my next paycheck that most of you if not all of you do not speak Albanian (is it a language?) very well either.
    Leave the guy alone, this is a great place to get info, let's keep it so.
    KNOWLEDGE IS OF TWO KINDS: We know a subject ourselves or we know where to find information upon it. SAMUEL JOHNSON

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    Don't flame the guy! What is wrong with magic1? I see NOTHING at all wrong with his name.

    jiffyprogasm -- You are AWESOME! I'm glad that somebody agrees with me here. God bless you.

    TheRestOfYouInsecurePeople -- view my reply to the previous "Let's all pick on the unknown guy" thread. Actually, it was "i am really angry" or something to that effect. Anyways, link to it here.

    I hope this may mean something to someone out there.
    God bless
    I know you\'re out there. I can feel you now. I know that you\'re afraid. You\'re afraid of us. You\'re afraid of change. I don\'t know the future. I didn\'t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it\'s going to begin. I\'m going to hang up this phone, and then I\'m going to show these people what you don\'t want them to see. I\'m going to show them a world without you, a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.

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    Wow, I didn't think this would be such a heated discussion. I personally have nothing wrong with magic1 or his name. I was just stating the fact, and now restating the fact that

    1.) get use to it. Just like in life, if you have a funny first name in school, chances are your going to get picked on. so get use to it. Until you can gain respect, your going to get picked on.

    People can pick on me because I'm Cmd_Spook. And I would have to get use to it.

    I did, though, have a problem with his core statement about programming. But That is all

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