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Thread: Recipes!!!

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    Okay.. I figured.. we all share... our techniques regarding different computer related topics... well.. how about this one.. you're sitting at your comp.. you're starving.. and.. you really can't get urself away from your program/game/porn for more than 2 minutes.. what do you do? Well.. I have a quickie recipe..

    Ingredients: Butter, Egg, Bread.. (Cheese if you have the time).. Beverage of your choice..
    Utensils: Fork, Bowl, Microwave..


    As fast as you can, as if your char is gonna die, or your comp is gonna crash without you watching it.. scrape a small clump of butter into your bowl..

    Break open an egg into your butter laden [Not do be confused with Bin Laden] bowl.. Break open the yolk with your fork..

    Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds.. while getting your bread from the bag and on to a plate..

    Use the fork to flip your half-soggy eggs, and return them to the microwave for 45 seconds.. Now is a good time to check on your comp.. and to get a beverage/cheese.. etc..

    Remove bowl from microwave, and apply egg-clump onto bread..

    Return to your comp, and eat just over your desk, so.. your crumbs do not fall into your keyboard...


    Yeah.. so.. that's my quick egg recipe.. They're actually pretty good.. So.. share YOUR quick comp recipes =]:

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    Thumbs up Cool Idea

    CRAP!! I accidentally broke open my egg into Bin Laden.

    Heres is a lil quicky...
    Take shreaded hamburger meat.
    Place in microwave for about 1 minute. Stir occasionally.
    Once done (Still raw of course) put a large amount of lemon juice in.
    Mix well.
    Add salt and pepper.
    Mix well.
    I know this sounds REALLY sick but I have actually had it. It is a Mexican dish. It is really made for a side with a large meal but hey! Try it. GO EAT RAW MEAT! (No you want die... I hope)

    If anyone dies from this.. Sorry and please dont blame me.
    If anyone actually trys it. Let me know. I swear its pretty good!

    Im out,

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    i eat lamers like you alive

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    Thumbs up Try this!

    Here is another that is not so strange.

    Take a tortilla.
    Spread butter on tortilla [Not to be confused with Bin Laden] JK.
    Sprinkle Sugar.
    Sprinkle Cinnamon.
    Put in the microwave for a short time. (Untill tortilla is warm).
    Thats it!

    I REALLY LOVE this one. I use to make these all the time.


    Back to you,

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    For those all night counter-strike gaming sessions I dont think you can get any better than microwave corndogs and red mountain dew......sure its a diet that will kill me within the next 4 years, but hey, its easy enough to make between rounds
    Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune

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    C.O. Dogs

    Corn dogs.. now.. are those just... store-bought.. now...microwave them kind.. Also.. That tortia-recipe sounds ok.. I actually have tortias.. I'll try it when I get home.. er.. home and away from my comp for 2 minutes home..

    As for that meat thing.. first.. it sounds deadly... second.. I don't have any meat in my fridge..... hehe.. um.. not... legal meat... HAHAHAAHA.. ok.. not so scary..

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

    i am NOT a hacker :Þ

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    I love you!

    Imagine that.. I had no idea Dominos integrated their whole ordering system with the net.. Now I don't even have reach over to my phone to order..

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    Dude microwave chips!

    Open quickly stick in microwave leave for few minutes be back in time to realise youve missed nothin and all is well.

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    I just like this boring simple meal. Microwave cheese long enough for it to totally melt and dip toasted bread.

    Why am I still here?

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