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Thread: DoS with bios

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    Hi mom!
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    This all reminds me of a story I read somewhere. Two guys were looking at a bios on a school computer, when they got caught by a teacher.

    "What are you doing??"
    "Err, we finished our assignments, and are playing a game, called SimBios"
    "Don't you know you aren't allowed to play games here? Uninstall it"

    Then, there were some remarks about being so unfortunate to forget bringing screwdrivers to school...

    And those people are supposed to learn kids to use computers...

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    LOL - Ghost - D00D. You should re-read the post. Its BIOS, not Netbios. Two hugely diffrent things.

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    "very old" AWARD bios can can accept its universal password "shift+s+x+y+z" .. while "old" AWARD bios can accept "589589". this works on some machines, others not. i personally tried those two on some machines. but i dont know the new universal passwords for bios nowadays. if you know some, please share.

    this is the method if you cant open the box physically.
    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

    i am NOT a hacker :Þ

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    you guys rule, that was my first thread, and i was a bit nervous to post it, but all of you are just great (now who said all hackers were criminals, damn media)

    thanks for participating in my thread,

    SilverDragon, i agree with you idea on not giving up any information, i've seen it before too (many of my friends are not allowed on computers because they know too much)

    thanks to all
    \"I am convinced that societies which live without government enjoy an infinitely greater degree of happiness than those who do.\" Thomas Jefferson

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    Yepper's: Jumpers and CMOS battery. LOL. Not too long ago I change my passwords, but seeing how my keyboard has bad case of dyslexia I entered the same thing wrong twice. LOL
    It cost me $40 to clear, I now know better, thanks to the great crew at Antionline. See newbie's section " A funny but true story"
    Spaz: Remember that most of these folks that you talk about did not grow up with a computer in the house. Heck, I remember the the telephone coming into the house, we did not even have a t.v yet. When your their age, the whiz kids will be laughing at you also. Being kind forward thinking I was the first of my friends to get the latest music source, the first Sony cd player. I was the "test pilot" as the saying goes. They listened and then they bought, ROFL. OH by the way 45 years behind me here. What where you doing when John F Kennedy was shot? The space shuttle exploded? See ya round.
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