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    Smile Msn and u

    This morning and still tonight Microsoft limited access to to internet Explorer browser. Wow what a bold move. The same day they release XP they also restricted access to one of the biggest portals on the web.. And I was thinking, how easy this could be done. A simple java script with a browser detect, which an includes if browers is X then display youcantview.htm

    Why anyone would want to do this? i dunno. According to microsoft it redesigned the site for XP and apparently a large amount of their software "skins" so they all can match.. How pretty. I'll stick with Trillian, and I hear you can get quicktime to play almost any video format. Opera.. well I love that. And If I had a good linux book, I would install that over nt.

    *Note: I don't hate mircosoft. Yes they have sh$%# business practices, yes there software follows down the same road. But they do give me something to complain about about and laugh at. And in today's world, we all need something to laugh at.

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    Isn't this type of behaviour the reason Micro$oft where first dragged into court?

    The words "Market Monopoly" come to mind.

    With this type of anti social behaviour it's no wonder Micro$oft is the targert of so many CrAcK3rZ.

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    *HA* This isn't the first time MicroShaft have pulled ****ish stunts like this. They made changes in code to try and halt Digital Research's disk operating system DR-DOS. Microsoft have ****ed with a lot of people, including IBM. DR eventually passed on the source code for DR-DOS to Caldera, now it's openDOS.

    Unfortunately for me I had to endure all them undocumented system calls for many years. I went down the Windows route like everyone else until Linux started coming of age. I still use M$ for non programming purposes like surfing the net but eventually I'll phase it out.

    Bring on the viable alternative to Microsoft, I for one will be happy to see Bill and his cronies in the gutter.


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