hello to everyone
Thanks Darkmo0n,PhirePhreak,Simon Templer and others

Do you all see :
there are members with only two or three posts and they just post in all the garbage threads. (THOR is it true)

They said to me:" if i dont want to read Seg-b threads then dont read those".but can you all tell why you had read and replyed to mine ?????

RogueSpy i like your threads .i have seen that you had helped the others.

And let me say another thing
i have 48 posts - 4 last posts with garbage .and in all my posts i have tried to help others nothing more.

and about magic1 .ok that username don't means MAGIC.
It is my first reall program in PASCAL with assembly tags .It was called MAGIC1 and used from a little company.

MsMittens lets leave it in this way i dont have trust in IRC passwords .thats all.

bye everyone