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Thread: Curiosity kills

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    Lightbulb Curiosity kills

    I am just curious about prices of Cd-Rewritable disc's.

    The cheapest i can find where i live is, a pack of 50 700mb (80 mins) for 20. I'm not sure what this works out to the dollar ?
    Does anyone know

    If anyone buys these in bulk, or knows of any major stores/sites/companys that are fairly cheap speak up cheers.

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    ron, i would be glad to help. i really don't know what the pound to dollars ratio is. but go to that site is really for bussiness, but you might be able to use it. i'm sure they will have some cdrs.


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    Sears - TDK 100 pack.
    I think they run about $35.00 for a 100 pack of 650MB and $45.00 for 100 pack of 800MB. I've seen verbatim and imation for a little cheaper at a Sams (Wal-Mart store), but prefer to stick with the TDK brand.

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