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    Arrow a crashing IE

    at one point, i ran across a script from a kiddie..haa..anyways, it had you enter "c:/con/con" into the IE address bar ina w98.. it froze the comptuer or put to a bsod...then on other ones, it does't so i assume there is some sort of patch... then i read somewhere where there is a problem with any device that can be put into the config.sys file..not sure what that meant..but other examples were lpt1 and such... anyone know anything about this? thanx.

    oh, you could try the concon thing on yoru computer but it may freeze..only restarts work.

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    'con' was an old DOS command, I think it was used for sorting out conflicts, and they never took it out...completely... Anyway, I've dug up a book on DOS so I'll go check it out, but I do know that it CAN KILL windows 95, 98, 98 SE(I think), NT 4 and 2000 (under special conditions...)

    It can be executed from just about anywhere. (ie. dos, run menu, iexplore etc)

    I don't think it'll do anything to ME because they've taken most of DOS out, and I haven't used XP enough to know...

    If someone knows exactly how this works I'd like to know too...
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    First off if you are using AOL, the con/con will not work anymore. If you turn your sound off from AOL it will stop the crashing furthermore MS has a patch


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    well i know that if you open up mIRC and type /con/con in it crashes it.

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    CON is a Device

    PC MAGAZINE: Chances are good you did not actually create a CON.DOC file. It should be impossible for any program (except a low-level disk utility) to create a file whose filename portion is CON (or any other reserved DOS device name). The standard reserved device names are CON, AUX, PRN, CLOCK$, COM1 through COM4, LPT1 through LPT4, and CONFIG$. In addition, your system will almost certainly have other named devices installed in CONFIG.SYS.
    So thats why it crashes windows. Ill keep researching!

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    If it's a device name, I bet it is short for CONsole. (I.E. Keyboard) I've seen it before, but I just discounted it as 'one of those Microsoft bugs'. (Although MS-DOS' original config was originally bought by Microsoft...)
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