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Thread: delphi5, any good?

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    Question delphi5, any good?

    i have a copy of Delphi 5 somewhere, and i was wondering if its a good language or not, what are some of its strengths and weaknesses?

    i don't have alot of time on my hands to teach myself programming, so i only want to learn the ones that will really help me. I am currently learning perl and c++. Does delphi do anything these don't, or should i just sell my copy and get some extra money.
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    Re: delphi5, any good?

    The one "hacker" programming language is C++ perhaps Java.
    Delphi has the poor thing that it's platform dependend you can only use it with Windows and Linux (you will have to use Kylix with Linux). Delphi is without doubts the best RAD development tool you can get, so if you're into easy and cool-looking application and web development then delphi is great. But as you already know C++ you may think about getting yourself a copy of Borland C++ Builder it has most of the cool features that Delphi has but used C++ language instead of Delphi.
    Also if you want do low level hardware programming for Windows most people uses C, but all WinAPI calls are also available in Delphi so that's no reason to dump Delphi.

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    Any language learn will benifit you. Pascal is another good one to learn along with others. The same goes with Cobol language. Delphi5 is a great language to learn it has improved a lot and if you do have the copy of Delphi5, by all means learn it. If you would like to view the reviews on it go here.,00.html


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