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Thread: Time Spent on AO

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    Time Spent on AO

    I think it might be neat to see how much time each of us have spent on the site. This could be done privatly (see your own) or publicly (see everybody).

    I read a poll asking that question and think it could be an interesting tool.

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    The problem is how to determine that a person isn't just leaving AO as his homepage... determining how long you actually spend with the page on the screen is a tricky matter, and I think it wouldn't work too well, personally. As for seeing your date of registration, that is in your public profile.
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    I dont think that would be a very necessay thing. If people saw how much time I spend on this site, they would worry. I don't think I'm the only one either. Look at my number of posts. Now look at my profile for my registration date. Get the idea?

    Also, how do we know that the person spent this time actively on the site, instead of leaving it running in the background? You can't, unless you do it by tracking all the traffic between the person's PC and the server. Even then, how do you turn that into an automated graph for how much time the person has spent on the site? It's easy for a person to look through the access logs for their server, and determine how long the person has been actively on the site. Turning that into an automated user-friendly graph would be extrememly tricky. Besides, if you want to see how active a person is on this site, look at their profile. It will tell you how long they have been here, how many posts they have, and how many times they post on an average day, among other things.

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    Ok, in my opinion, there really isn't any need for this feature but if you wanted to...

    I'm not sure how to do this in PHP but in asp I would do the following:

    In the global.asa file -

    1. First, set the session timeout variable to something reasonable, like 10 minutes or so.

    sub onsession_start
    add a session variable that stores the time of the session starting (probably store the minutes/hours and day seperately)
    end sub

    sub onsession_end
    take a look at that session variable, take the difference in the minutes, hours and check the date (in case they were there over midnight) and add it to your profile. Keep track of the minutes, hours and days 'online' (hours += minutes/60, minutes %= 60, days += hours/24, hours %= 24, etc).
    end sub

    That would definately work with ASP but then again, I don't know PHP at all.

    PS Can't quite remember the exact names of the sub routines but that should be fairly close.
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    I dont feel there is a need for this feature, its pretty obvious who spends a lot of time here, people like myself and those who dont. Not really a helpful feature but saying that I would have no problems if it was introduced.

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    Greetings All:

    Well, this would be a VERY difficult feature to come up with, and a VERY easy feature to abuse. Soo, I don't see it come into being. I appreciate your suggestion though!!

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