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Thread: Lilo boot manager

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    Question Lilo boot manager

    I recently partitioned my hard drive and then installed Red Hat. Now I run Windoze ME/Red Hat.

    During the Red Hat installation I installed Lilo as my boot manager.

    I then expected to see the Lilo screen everytime I boot up giving me the option of loading Windoze or Red Hat but instead it just loads Windoze even though I set Red Hat as the default OS in Lilo. The only way I can boot Red Hat is if I insert the "back up" floppy that Lilo suggested I make during installation before booting up.

    So is this how Lilo works or am I missing something completely? If this is how Lilo operates perhaps someone can suggest a boot manager that doesn't require a boot disk?

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    LiLo = LinuxLoader

    it boots from wherever you tell it to,
    during the install you have the option of booting from your hd or from floppy (the so called backup disk )

    just read the text before you click next

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    So how do I change it now it's installed to boot from the harddrive rather than the floppy?

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    err as far as i know, either you start phukkin around in your mbr (master boot record) or you reinstall redhat...

    although the latter takes the longest, it sure is the easiest

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    Thank you kind sir.

    I've stuffed around (as root) with Red Hat that much that I think it needs ato be re-instaled anyway......Thanks again..

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    LILO is installed, use fdisk to activate the LILO partition, by default, windows makes its own partition the active one. (LILO is normally the little tiny partition at the start of your disk, depends on your config)

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    Once again, obi, you've answered my post and saved the day. In future Im not going to start threads I think I'll just pm..

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