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    Talking Windows XP

    whats up guys?? same old **** here... was in need of some assistance. i just got a copy of Win XP Pro from a friend but I need a key and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have this program, Oscar, which gave me quite a few keys but none of them work. So, if possible, can anyone help me out?? I'd really like to play with XP and see the difference.. Thank you


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    i just know I am going to regret this...
    Quite dumb really...B2BW-8PJ2D-9X7JK-Before I get in trouble I had better edit this CCRT-D233...Y didnt I do this the first time... silly little tripstone chips are for geekz

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    Re: ok....

    Yes, you will regret this. You should be ashamed of yourself. *quietly copying key* That's a horrible thing to do! Why don't you just go shoplifting? It's just about the same!

    Seriously though, I gave somebody a key for Office XP back when I was still a junior member, and got pounded for it. Needless to say, I learned my lesson quickly. I won't pound you myself, as you're probably going to take more than you deserve from the other members. Brace yourself. You might want to edit or delete the post right now and save yourself some of the punishment.

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    Nah, Shop lifting is harder than Lifting your fingers to type a key code for a Micro$oft product. Micro$oft is just a group of money hungry bastards. they deserve to lose a few dollars here and there.

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    i woudl agree..when the microsoft conglomerate decides to do something beneficial to society with all that money, then perhaps, just perhaps we will have a higher view of them? perhaps... well, not reight away..but you get the idea. (if they have done something nice, let me know )
    I guess i can't reprimand either for sharing keys because i have done so myself, but i would suggest that you only transfer materials like that(which woudl be considered illegal) over a IM or email account. Just because the title of this page has the word hacker in it and just because the media has confused hacker with cracker doens't mean that its ok to "break the law" even if its against , hey, its a microsoft product that i'm using

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    Let me clarify, here. I never said I was against copying Microsoft software keys. I simply said it wasn't a good idea to post them here. I agree that Microsoft throws their weight around way too much. They can force their newest (and most expensive) products on us, and know it. That is where the serial trading comes in. If you overcharge, of course people will refuse to pay. But of course, Microsoft, being way out of touch with the people, respond with Nazi-like anti-piracy measures on their latest software packages. If they wanted to reduce piracy, they should charge a fair price for their products, especially since everybody's practically forced to buy from them anyway. If this is allowed to go on for too much longer, we'll all be goose-stepping through the streets screaming "Heil Gates!"

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    Talking sorry

    didn't know i couldn't ask questions like that.. i apologize

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    aarobonob: I do not know about microsoft doing anything "good", but our dear ole Bill seems to do good with all that $$$$ he has layin about. $ to his alma matter and $ to desease research. But then again it is not too hard to get by on a few millions less.
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    Originally posted by Sirex
    i just got a copy of Win XP Pro from a friend but I need a key and was wondering if anyone can help me out. (...) I'd really like to play with XP and see the difference.. Thank you
    Why don't you ask your friend's key? Sounds to me like you got a copy from a copy from a copy... Pretty stupid to make copies of protected software without including the product key, no?
    Well, that actually is why a product key was invented, I guess...

    So far for the product key...

    Next is the 'product activation':

    You can use Win XP 30 days before activation is required. That's 30 days 'to play with XP and see the difference' (assumed you've got a legal version of the product, or got a key for your copy).
    After 30 days, you'll have to activate the product (you don't need to register Win XP). That's the tricky part: along with your product key, a 'hardware code' (a number generated from your PC's hardware configuration) is sent to Microsoft. If you try to 'activate' the software on another PC, it simply won't work (except for cracks, of course, but that's not the point). Well, it will work, but only two times.

    Now, let's say you have an illegal copy of WinXP - with a valid product key - and you activate the software. Suppose it actually does work (meaning the entire 'product activation'-history is a myth), you still have a problem: there are two or more different computers in MS's database, with the same product key. Don't know how serious they are about it, but you never know, and don't be surprised if some day, some guy walks up to you, and says 'Smile, I'm a federal agent'...

    Just some thoughts...

    Go here for more information on product activation.

    Go here for a story about 'what's wrong with product activation'.

    Go here for an in-depht article.

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