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Thread: Same old axe to grind...

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    Same old axe to grind...

    Well, I'm just posting to register a little complaint about the tag line under the big AntiOnline logo on every page that says:

    "Hackers know the weaknesses in your system. Shouldn't you?"

    I say this because it abuses the term "Hacker" in a misleading and defamatory manner. Considering AntiOnline actually links to The New Hacker's Dictionary, where the word is correctly defined, I think this shows an amazingly elevated level of incompetence, or just plain stupidity...though it could be mere clumsiness, which I would be perfectly willing to forgive.

    Now, although I've worded this post harshly, I don't want to seem like a ranting idiot so I will say that I do realise that this isn't really all that big a deal - but this is one of the major reasons I dislike this site, and I'd love to see it changed; I'd like this site a heck of a lot better if this simple oversight was fixed.

    Thanks for listening (if indeed you are!),

    - Freon
    (the ranting idiot)
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    well that's partially true

    Well if you define the word hacker as someone knowledegable about computers then I would say that the it does make sense.
    If you know about computers you also know about ways in and ways out of systems.

    But in this case I would have to agree with you if anyone just visited AO and saw that they would autmatically assume Computer Criminal. AO took the context out, twisted it so both definitions of the word hacker are correct with this term.

    Yeah it's very misleading but that's how they get people to come here. It's like a damn tourist trap.

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    Well if you see the word cracker you assume it is someone that cracks programs etc. if you are a normal pc user interested in security. You see hacker and you feel scared, people who can manipulate your system into giving away your credit number and deleting your hardrive etc. etc.

    Its just a misconception of the public and damn Im now ranting too.

    And yes it should be changed but it is more than likely not going to happen.

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    Re: Same old axe to grind...

    Originally posted by freon
    "Hackers know the weaknesses in your system. Shouldn't you?"
    Yeah, that kinda says that hackers are something we can never be and are like gurus who know everything. Makes a picture of AO as place for "how do I hack hotmail?" questions, if you know what I mean... "Cracker" would be a better term, it creates a picture of a criminal who this place is against... And nobody wants to get called a cracker, many would like to be called a hacker.

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    Greetings All:

    Nope, the slogan stays

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