Well, I'm just posting to register a little complaint about the tag line under the big AntiOnline logo on every page that says:

"Hackers know the weaknesses in your system. Shouldn't you?"

I say this because it abuses the term "Hacker" in a misleading and defamatory manner. Considering AntiOnline actually links to The New Hacker's Dictionary, where the word is correctly defined, I think this shows an amazingly elevated level of incompetence, or just plain stupidity...though it could be mere clumsiness, which I would be perfectly willing to forgive.

Now, although I've worded this post harshly, I don't want to seem like a ranting idiot so I will say that I do realise that this isn't really all that big a deal - but this is one of the major reasons I dislike this site, and I'd love to see it changed; I'd like this site a heck of a lot better if this simple oversight was fixed.

Thanks for listening (if indeed you are!),

- Freon
(the ranting idiot)