Hi everyone !
My name is Valis (no really, that's a Nickname, my name is Chiara) and I'm a foreign languages student who lives in Italy and likes to draw, paint and surf the web.
I never felt the necessity of learning more about internet security until now: in fact, I started playing Ultima online in an unofficial shard and then began helping my firends of the staff.
I'm part of the community now, and this is great: may , many friends
But I'm also part of the staff and this means many enemies, too.
You know, a lot of gamers say :"Hey girl, we're friends, please, do me this favour, please, give money or stuff to my playing character" and when I say "NO WAY" most of them get angry and try to do things to my computer.
I have to learn more about how to defend my computer and...oh well...this site is just great!
Gosh, hope this looong introduction isn't too boring