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Thread: WINXP is the best

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    WINXP is the best

    But compared to linux it sucks, lol

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    XP is XPlosive...XPressive...not to mention it's quite an XPerience.

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    Red face

    Runs like Crap on my P.O.S. box.
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Talking xp

    XPENSIVE from what I hear...
    XPentium three or 4 is needed....

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    XP Bytes!

    Yeah I agree, it's expensive and not as reliable as we're being told. I had to restart twice in one night when I was using it at a friend's place. The only reason it supposed to be soooo realiable is because previous efforts were all so crap. Reliable, schmiable...

    Overall I'm not impressed

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    Now I guess XP would be kind of appealing in a strange exotic non natural kind of way to those used to be hippies who went to one of those drug allowing computer training bootcamps and got a job on the cornor at fix it joes electronic stores that also repairs old 386's.

    You know who you are.. Those people who actually are turned on by lil happy faces doing bad things

    heh.. just kidding.. had to put my piece...

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Sorry It's not here anymore....

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    Originally posted by freeOn
    But obviously if you don't have the hardware you shouldn't get the software.
    True, but Microsoft shouldn't force the hardware so you can get the software.

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    Re: WINXP is the best

    Originally posted by freeOn
    I just wanted to say that.

    Linux is the best you dirty Microsoft Corporate whore...

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    Can you honestly defend Microsoft after all they have forced its market to put up with over the years. Maybe XP is great etc. etc. but why did everyone have to wait until 2001 to get their hands on a decent Windows OS, well Microsoft certainly dont care. They have fooled so many it's almost funny.
    Linux is pretty solid and no Windows lover can deny this however Windows is solid and any Linux lover can deny this.

    For more of my views on Microsoft go

    No Im no Windows basher.
    No Im no Linux basher.
    Im in between.

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