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Thread: OMFG windows 95 and ME!!!!

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    Angry OMFG windows 95 and ME!!!!

    Ok, Well as you may have heard in my previous threads.. I was removing XP.. having a WONDERFUL TIME!!!!!

    Ok so I deltree'd XP (Yes i got it to work after the text message bashing that mr. gates gave me in a secret dos error message.)

    N e ways. So i install 95 second edition with usb support.. (FULL VER.... which i might mentioned crashed and never worked but none the less put the files i needed to install winme upgrade) Then I install winme upgrade.. that went smoothly...

    So it installed and I installed my video drivers...

    I setup networking... (DSL BABY)

    click on the beautiful IE icon...
    And it replies with a ever so gentle....

    (Internet Connection Wizard)

    Failed to load the internet connection wizard helper component

    -=So I click OK which is the only option it offers=-

    it then says ICWCONN1 has caused an error in ICQUTIL.DLL
    ICQCONN1 will now close.
    If you continue experiencing problems
    try restarting your computer. <-- SmartAss Microsoft

    i restart a million times.. nothing helps.

    i cant get into IE

    how can I disable ICW???????

    help me... Sweet god.. Help me!!!!!

    I figured out how has the worst job in the world....

    those microsoft tech support people...

    God help them...

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Red face Trench Coat.

    If I dont get this solved.. Im going to be walking around my neighborhood in a black trench coat.. I just might run a muck....

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Try installing Windows 98 or ME using a clean install. That means no upgrades. If you want, you could even get 2000 and either use it alone or dual-boot it with 98 or ME. See if that gets you anywhere.

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    Hmm try win2000 seems to be the most stable thing microsoft made. You should not have any problems with that. And dont even bother with ME cause its probably the worst thing i'v seen so far.

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    why ever in the world did you unistall xp for 95?????? whoa. i would suggest reinstalling xp or getting opera. but why 95???

    Do it now and ask for forgiveness later

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    you can get to Internet Options through the control panel --
    go there, click "connections," and try to mess around with the LAN settings.

    If you can't get that to work, reinstall win95 and try running IE. If that works, then do your ME upgrade.

    best of luck...

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    You should be able to set it up manually.
    Right Click on IE and goto properties.
    Click on the connection tab then set it up through lan.
    It worked when I set up my net at work.
    Hope that helped
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    Talking I fixed it here is how!

    Ok.. I have many boxes on my home network that run winme.

    So I took the c:\program files\internet explorer\internet connection wizard

    (Basically monkey ****in with the directories)

    off a working computer and copied it onto my shitty used to be xp box..

    it works..

    evidently some files got corrupted or didnt copy correctly over xp's internet connection wizard..

    i installed my sound drivers.. and im doing well..

    btw media player is screwed.. but im gunna do the windows update and get the newer ver n e ways.. so that should fix that.. we will see...

    I am geek... hear me roar...
    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    This issue can occur if you reinstall Windows 98 with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x installed on your computer, and Internet Explorer 5.x has not been uninstalled, but the Iemigrat.dll file has been renamed.


    To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

    Click Start, and then click Run.

    In the Open box, type sfc, and then click OK.

    Click Extract one file from installation disk.

    In the Specify the system file you would like to restore box, type ICWCONN1.EXE, and then click Start.

    In the Restore from box, type drive letter\\WIN98, where the drive letter is the letter of the CD-ROM drive.

    NOTE: Ensure that you insert the Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.

    In the Save file in box, type C:\PROGRA~1\INTERN~1\CONNEC~1.

    When the process is complete, restart your computer.

    Adore from

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    Question sfc? wtf sfc?

    Dude.. SFC doesnt exist on ANY of my pc's...

    I have the situation resolved.. but being i have a passion for learning i figured i would look at your sfc.. but it doesnt work from the get go... ??

    Maybe sfc is a secret program.. like uhhh "Secretly F00kin my Computer" or somethin gheheh j/k no really now.. what is sfc? i cant find it.. i would love to learn...

    heh... you wouldnt beleive how many people send my netbus trojans and sub7... unbeleivable.. they e-mail me saying.. HERRE ITS A FIX.. ya.. fix me right up wouldnt it?

    heh So many people to piss off... so little time..

    oh well..

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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