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Thread: Hitting the back-button

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    Hitting the back-button

    Everytime I submitted a new thread or reply, I keep hitting the back-button in my browser . Of course, this only results in bringing me to that redirect-page you briefly see whenever you submitted something ("thank-you-for-posting-bla-di-bla").

    Call me an idiot, but somehow, it feels natural to me thinking that I will end up on the page I was reading before I submitted the post... Since there's hardly any use for the backbutton when you just submitted a post, it (the button) could as well be linked to the page I mentioned. In any case, it would stop me from banging my head against the wall a couple of times each day...

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    The "back button" problem has nothing to do with the way our site is coded, and there's nothing we can do to prevent those problems.

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