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    Hi! Post your thoughts here.

    Is anyone out there using adsubtract Pro??? Those who're using it will find that it is a susitude for parts of the AtGuard Firewall, which are AD substracting and Cookies Control. It also comes with control for JavaScript, Java, and Active X!

    The product is $25USD and it has no trial version. To download a limited version (which is free for personal uses) or to read more about this product, visit !

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    You claim you don't get any royalties for posting this, but what you say sounds a lot like a corporate advertisement. I can't tell for sure why you're posting these. Does anybody know of any joint owner for McAfee and AdSubtract?

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    What else are you advertising? Is there a site that links all the products you recommend? I'm really interested in finding out more about your biased, artificial product advertisements.
    Why am I still here?

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    Hello? I'm not related. I'm just sugessting poducts for people to protect themselves from HUGE coparations like Microsoft!!!! Who knows what's going on on the net! I rarely recommand products from any companies, but I just found out how good some things are and I want to share it with you guys.

    (Psssst........ don't want to pay, just download a keygen)

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    I have used Adsubtract but it didn't allways block everything.
    Proxomitron works way better for me. And it's free!

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    You may be genuinely just trying to reccomend something that you really think is a decent product, but you come across like an infomercial announcer. It just sounds too much like marketing lingo and hype...try bringing it down a few notches next time.
    Some people have a way with words, while others...erm...thingy.

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