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Thread: Where to start

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    Smile Hello Notaclue

    Hello notaclue,

    You've come to the right place... Antionline has alot of intelligent individuals for which you will be able to gain alot of information.

    Many of the members have already contributed ALOT of good information, I hope to elaborate on it a little

    It's nice to see that you are eager to learn, however your question (as mentioned) was rather vague. So I think one of the best things that you can do is determine what field of computers you are interested in. Are you interested in learning about Networking & Security, Programming, Web Development, or just Computer Basics.

    Network & Security
    If your interested in learning about Networks & Security, I would suggest you learn about network architectures and protocols / standards. A good REFERENCE on protocols/standards is the RFC (Request for Comments) library. You may find links to sites that have information on protocols in the AntiOnline Newbie FAQ, the first part of the four part series is available at my site at:

    If you have trouble with the above link, you can access the page through a link on the main page, under the "recent" or "PL Projects" section.

    You may also find links to security related sites for further research at my site ( under "Security Links"

    If your interested in learning about the Programming aspect of computers then I suggest you visit they have alot of tutorials for beginners on a variety of languages, and most are easy to comprehend.

    Web Development
    If you think that creating web sites would be something your interested in... I suggest - this site covers all the web developing technologies with easy to follow tutorials.

    Computer Basics
    I think (as suggested) books about the Comp TIA A+ and computer hardware would be useful... I was never a really big fan of reading and preferred to experiement on my own and re-enforce what I had learned with books (as I get older I enjoy reading alittle bit more ) I have a book called the "PC Upgrade & Repair Bible" and it is pretty comprehensive, it set me back about $30.00+ (on sale) at a local book store.

    How I Learned About Computers
    Personally, I found that the best way to learn is from experience, (but that is because of my learning style)
    I learned alot about computer basics from playing with an old 486 and using books as reference material. I started programming with a language called QBasic, I would find every tutorial I could and read them, I then moved on to learn several more. I gained knowledge about networking from taking a class through Nortel Networks at my high school, as well helping out the system administrator (Knowledgable System Admins who are willing, can teach you alot of things, and volunteering will help you gain experience).

    But I think the best resource for learning is the Internet... everything and anything is available on the Internet, you just have to find it. A good place to look for computer information is College websites. Alot professors who teach Computer courses will place learning materials (lecutres, tutorials, source code, diagrams, etc) on the internet for students.

    Well...I hope this has helped you... just remember... don't be intimidated by the amount information that you think you need to learn. Everyone started from the ground and worked their way up!

    Good Luck in your pursuit for knowledge!

    If you have further questions (hopefully a little more specific next time ) feel free to ask them...
    Simon Templer

    \"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. \"
    -The Buddha

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    Re: Hello Notaclue

    Originally posted by Simon Templer
    You've come to the right place... Antionline has alot of intelligent individuals for which you will be able to gain alot of information.
    I've heard of people like that... are they mythical? Ph33r the forces of stupidity! (j/k) (j/k = Just Kidding)

    Notaclue: You have a TREMENDOUS advantage already! You *are* literate, at least compared to some people who haunt the 'net. The greatest tragedy is to learn lots of technical skills but not how to form sentences or valid words, and I applaud and welcome thee to the can-write-elite (if you pronounce that 'e-light', instead of 'e-leat' it rhymes! I feel so accomplished).
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    Some times I wonder where Simon-Templar finds the time to write such informative posts.
    Notaclue: I am fairly new here, and learn things with every visit, keep up with Simons posts, as he is working on a new section designed with information gathering in mind.
    I agree with tripstone on the idea to stay away from the dummies series, I have puchased a few in my days and found that most are just not worth the $20 or so. I have found the wrox series of books very helpful(in-depth). If security is interesting, I recomend the book "Hacking Exposed" second ed, or it maybe out in the third ed, if memeory from another post serves me.
    This site with a few other's out there are very informative. Especially ( ). Visit often and continue to learn, it is a never ending expantion of your brain.(Your own personal computer, it can do things that even the most pwerful box's can't even dream about yet.)
    KNOWLEDGE IS OF TWO KINDS: We know a subject ourselves or we know where to find information upon it. SAMUEL JOHNSON

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    Heres a couple of posts I made on newbie learning, hope they help.

    Hope these help.

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    Lightbulb A suggestion

    I suggest you first get you a good reference book. A computer encyclopedia by Alan Freeman or a reference book that has the terminology of what computer terms mean. Without this book you will be reading and not understanding what they are saying. Next pick a area that interest you first. Example *Security*. Study it, read all you can about it and move on. It is really a good idea to have HTML, Pascal, or any other programming language under your belt. Learn a langugage or two. Subscribe to newsletters and most of all visit your local library, the books are free and you can really get good books there. I am from if you do a search on my name Adore you will find tons of links for online classes you can take for 12 weeks free, to get you started. Also we have a recommended reading forum , a list of nice books that others recommend. If you do not find your answer's here do come over to and look around. I have been gone for a while there but I am returning back to HDC bbs starting tomorrow Oct 31. as SYSOP /Assistant Admin. All are welcome. The main thing you should do is get the reference book and focus on ONE thing at a time. And be a ethical hacker with morals. Stay clean and out of trouble. Hope to see some of you there if you can't find your answers here.

    SYSOP/Assistant Admin.

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    Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I now have many new idea's on where to go and what to read to help me in learning about my PC. The suggested looks, (SF my sister has a couple of the "Dummies" book that I'll borrow), links and all the other info has given me alot to investigate. I definately will get the reference book so I can look up terminolgy so I can better understand the things being discussed on the numerous threads here. Many of you have asked what type of computer I have and if it's windows. Sorry, I should of mentioned that first. I have a new emachine, (ugh, shoulda got a Dell), T1855 with pre-installed Windows ME edition. (I can send to emachine for the XP upgrade, if that's preferable) I also have an old computer that I bought sometime ago from a guy who put it together himself. If I decide to go inside and look around. I also like the idea of taking a class over the internet. That would be very helpful. Anyway, thanks again to you all for your help. This is a nice place for a newbie to come. You all have be most generous, thanks again.

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