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Thread: Complex Networks..

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    Complex Networks..

    Hey All,

    My craptastic Tafe course has given me yet another assignment....
    Design 3 Complex Network...
    This is all the information they have given us on it, and they won't define what they mean by complex....

    Now, since they have to mark these designs, I was thinking I would make it nice and difficult for them, by designing the most complex networks I can think of, or at least one really complex one....

    Problem is.. I'm running low on ideas... Anyone got any ideas which would constitute a part of a complex network....

    Any help given recieves some complimentry frogurt*...

    *Not a real offer. No frogurt will be forthcoming....

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    Fully meshed VPN over the Internet.......

    VoIP utilizing ATM QoS at the layer 2 level for WAN links.......

    Fully meshed frame relay supporting multiple branch offices.......

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    Reads the post.... scratches head...
    Reads the post again... scratches head harder...
    Reads the post once again.. head explodes...


    Thanks obi, that is quite complex...

    I'm gonna have to do a bit of research on those... I know some of the terms, but thats about it.....

    Thanks heaps for the idea..

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    In the center a domain with 6 computers .one of them is the domain controller with DNS SERVER installed and connectedd to the internet.
    You have only 6 real IP.

    the second one is a webserver. connected to the second there are 10 computers with only protocol NETBEUI NOT TCPIP.this 10 computers only procesS the data to the webserver directory and .

    the third in the domain, controll the RAS (REMOTE ACCES)where 100 clients are connected through DIAL UP .

    The fourth is a media server .

    the fifth is a application server (SQL SERVER installed).

    The six one is a server for the WIRELESS connection where are connected 250 computers.

    Now you have to install firewalls in all the computers in the domain to permit all users to use netmeeting,and other VOICE OVER IP PROGRAMS.

    If you work with this idea I think you will get something.

    I hope this help

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    Re: Complex Networks..

    Originally posted by Matty Cross
    ... I was thinking I would make it nice and difficult for them, by designing the most complex networks I can think of...
    You are on it. Map out the Internet for them.

    You could design a network with two brach offices that connect to the main network. One branch would be a direct connection over a traditional T1. The other branch could be connected VIA VPN over the Internet.

    Design the main network with a webserver sitting in a DMZ. Mail server etc. In youre main network, make a nice big one with multiple subnets.


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    get two medium sized cans... And a long String....

    Voice over fiber.. <G>
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