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    Lightbulb Defacing..

    Ok.. Now..
    I have a question.. what is the methods currently used for defacing websites? I am not going to go around doing it.. But I am very curious...

    Anyone care to comment?

    Hackers are impervious. Resistant is futile.

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    Mainly, you exploit bugs in the webserver's capacity to handle request like files outside its root, or poorly implemented scripts (like bad php coding or things like that).

    You can also hack the system, and defacing the site is only one of the numerous possibilities then offered.

    But it's really really *evil* to deface web site!


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    its also very lame

    defacing web sites will not gain you 1337 status in the hacking community because hackers view it as childish and lame.

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    Hers a text first beginning with an argument against Defacing followed by commen methods simple to advanced. No methods are explained in detail just a general idea give, perhaps this will help.

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