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Thread: help with telnet

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    Unhappy help with telnet

    ok i found a web site that had some good info on using the said to as follows

    HOST:they said to put in
    TERM TYPE:vt100

    ok after i do this it connects but it asks me for a login and password,well i tryed
    but then it said "not a system consel"
    then it dissconnects
    so what am i doing wrong and how do i get a password that works
    please help

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    I would recommend calling the sys-admin and asking them to give you an account that works.

    The answer to the what you are doing wrong part is that you are trying to telnet into a box using root. Can't do it bro. (At least on current *NIX versions by default.)

    BTW, you might want to take a look at notaclue's post titled "Where to start" to point you in the right direction and so that you don't get in over your head.

    Hope this helps.


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    Do you actually have an account on this or is it just something you're trying to get in to?
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    Try guest with no password or with guest as the password as well.

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    well this site was placed in the links of a hacking site so i assumed that this is a hacking site but now i realize its not so just forget my quistion cause it deales with hacking

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    some wargames sites will give hints as to what starting username/passwd can be used.
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    Exclamation wargames

    Since u seem new to telnet, goto, this is a wargames server.

    Root is the highest level you can get on a Win2k/WinNT/UNIX/LINUX system, you probably wont be able to remotly access root without hacking the system or if the admin has allowed it, usually u have to be there at the system to get root access.even if u could they wouldnt possibly be daft enough to have the password that simple, try the username and the password as "Guest".

    hope this helps

    oh yeah and dont try Root again, wont work

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    telnet to and you will e given instructions on how to log in to that wargame.

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    The reason you probably can't login as root is due to a security entry perhaps in the .profile which won't allow root to login except at the main console. It may not allow a /dev/tty login, only /dev/console. Hope this makes since.

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