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Thread: <dos.h> questions on C++

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    Question <dos.h> questions on C++

    I am sorry, if it's a dum question.....

    but can anyone explain to me what is dos.h header, and what is the usuage for this header. also can anyone show some example to me.......

    thank you!!!

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    Is it an include?? i.e. #include <dos.h>

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    Alright, check it out. dos.h is a header that includes a bunch of functions that are implemented within dos (and dos only). I found a good page with some acurate examples.

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    Talking yes

    Thank you very much

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    well, need more

    it's a good link, but i need more inorder to understand,

    can any one explain more to me or show more links?????????

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    Smile Hmmm

    Hmmm, what exactly do you need explained? What a header/ library file is? or how to use the functions that are associated with the header/library file?
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    what i need is, how to use this function to display the directory, and do the dos work.........

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