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    Heres my little problem...When I plug in a headset to my headset output nothing happens, if I am playing music it continues to come through the speakers. I have tried a few headsets to make sure that they are working and I have also made sure that they are plugged in. Hehe. I just dont know? Peace.
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    Just curious...
    when you say in the headset output jack, is that on the sound card, the CD-ROM, or the speaker? If it is the CD-ROM, maybe you should look at your speakers. Sometimes the speakers have a jack for headphones. If it is the sound card, or the speakers, unplug the speakers and plug in the headphones into the same jack. I hope I answered your question. Good luck.
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    tru dat. what's probablly wrong is that you didn't install the little wire that hooks from the back of you cd rom to the sound card. it's black and very flemzy. a lot of people miss it.

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