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Thread: Tutorial: Binary, hex and decimal .. oh my!

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    A suggestion...

    It might be fun also to cover octal - it's still useful you know! Possibly extend this tutorial to cover the representation of different types of data, like floating point (mantissa and exponent) notation for numeric quantities with a fractional part, two's complement for negative numbers, etc. Also, discussion of storage of textual data (ASCII and EBCDIC) and possibly some kind of description of BCD, could be useful to newbies.

    Just a thought,

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    It's really good stuff..

    Be Cool ..

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    many java tutorials exist is a wealth of information, the entire java api can be found online there and they also have many trails of tutorials covering every single aspect of the language in a not so hard format. Asking specific questions in the forum on that page will also result in answers that are probably better than what your teacher could ever explain.

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    thank you verry much for this tur. you just earned 1 big antipoitnt for this keep up the good work.
    All your base are belong to us!
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    Thumbs up

    Very sweet tutorial...been looking for stuff on binary and hex...and this info was direct and to the point

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    An easy way to work with these numbers is to convert them to base 10, the standard we use to count. Simply take the base to the power of each numbers position - 1, and multiply by the number, then add them together.

    19B in hex, is 1(16^2) + 9(16^1) + 11(16^0) = 411

    If anyone can understand that from my explanation I'll be surprised, I don't articulate too well.

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    Hey I gots a subnetting tutorial written up already. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will post it.
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    Yeah nice job on the tutorial i agree you should have your own site. We need more imformative sites.

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    thanks MsMittens for this mini-tutorials things. I think it will be more helpful if you will teach us to become a admin oriented like you. I myself is just hardware oriented only more on repairs.
    In hardware products, printers and monitors.
    Thanks anyway this tutorials give me at least a refersh.

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    Heh. You brought up a thread that was last posted in in January. And the guy before you brought it up two years after the last post.
    If you want to say something like thank you use the AP system that's what it's there for.
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