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    I got mine from vb and the x-files

    in vb cmd stands for command. usually when you name a command button you name according: cmd_Nameofbutton

    well I was programming and watching the xfiles and scully called maulder "Spookie" And it stuck with me. Over time I've dropped the "ie" thus creating Cmd_Spook

    Now Cmd is also the short for Commandor for the Army. That is why I picked the icon I did.
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    I happen to like Coleridge, myself, so I took the name from his poem, Xanadu


    In Xasnadu did Kublai Khan
    A stately pleasure dome decree
    Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
    Through caverns measureless to man
    Unto a soundless sea.

    So what if he was on laudnanum(sp?) when he wrote's still a good poem, and I recommend that you read the whole of it.......
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    Simpsons, the whacking day episode - Homer dressed in a red devil suit dances with maracas over a grave that reads 'good Homer' while singing 'I am evil HO-mer, i am evil ho-MER'
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    My handle there is nothing much in it : -

    KaKo is a nick a person who knows less or u can say kid

    Kool= Cool

    basically my real handle that i love is

    In this World If u Want To Rise
    Sit On A Pin And Close Ur Eyes

    S= Super
    T= Talented
    U= Unique
    P= Person
    I= In
    D= Demand

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    This is my real name.

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    my post came from me being bored one day. i wanted something original, something that looked like it could be a name but a better a handle then name. i wanted something that conveyed my feelings at the time (anger) and Hav just came out. so the begining of havanger was had. that was about 3 years ago.

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    well its not tuff to figure out if you are or where in the millitary. I was in the 25th infantry U.S. Army so my name means Ghost of the 25th Infantry Division.

    hey Rouge

    Ive played you on line at Rouge Spear I use to call myself matrix but now I go with this handle. See you there sometime.

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    Post ...

    .kcin siht tog I woh erus ton ma I


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    people say I sound like Hannibal Lector when I talk and that I have similar mannerisms. I dont agree with this at all though..(now where did I put that liver?) Haha J/K. Peace.
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    I used to be involved in a, um, different religion, and I have used this name for so long, I decided to keep it.

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