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    If you've ever seen the old movies, you'd know exactly that Dolemite is my name, ****ing up mother****ers is my game.
    It's the coolest nick I could think of, other than ahhhh_daahhhh, but blah.
    You can go to to find out more.
    I don't own or host the site, but it's cool.
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    Well, one of the primary obsessions of my youth(One that still lingers today) Was the Transformers...
    Grimlock was the leader of the Dinobots(The T-Rex)...powerful, cunning in battle, and gruff though good at heart...if not cursed with a bit of a speech impediment
    So a bunch of years back when I began my cyber-nerding in chat rooms, I needed a nick..."Rob" didn't seem cool enough, and I didn't wanna be real nerdy and pick "Optimus" or "Megatron" (Starscream sounded too much like a girl's name, according to my buds) so it went to my 4th favorite char: Grimmy.
    Then as I went through some teenage years, got out of brainwashing sch...erm, catholic school, and developed a personality...I realized it fit me pretty well
    So I shortened it to Grim (To be all 3l337 and stuff)...but that was taken, so I added "Man"

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    Having zero patience I hit the keyboard with both hands after several names were already used. Wouldn't you know it stuck for about seven years now.

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    Lotsa years ago after being at the pub I logged on irc quite drunk, I donīt know how but I ended up with the nick Puh-Bear after that. Puh is the word describing the sound of exhaling in swedish but also the swedish short for Pooh (as in winnie the pooh) A girlfriend started giving me Pooh stuff and others picked it up too. A bit after that Pooh-Bear was available on DalNet and I registered it, since then Iīve gotten used to it.
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    After trying dif handles when i was younger and in hanging about in chatrooms like excite (hangs head in shame) - I decided to change it when a friend of mine got me into irc. The guy who got me started in irc had a website called - the viking hell so I thought as a bit of a piss take I would use the word for the viking heaven valhalla, but seeing as that was taken i tweaked it a little and came uip with valhallen - what started off as a piss rip has now stuck tho it has variations: val` val_O `-val-` v_Ln etc

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    I live in the 'big city now. Hillbilly is what my newfound cityfolk friends call me. I came from a small farming community. Gosh, how I miss the simple life.
    We Know Who You Are.....

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    I chose souleman because I am neither man, nor wo_man. I live in the spirt world, ie. soule man. Oh wait, that would be soulman wouldn't it.

    Ok, then it is because I live on the bottom of a shoe, ie soule man. Oh wait, that would be soleman.

    Maybe I just chose it because I am confused. Or maybe it was from the old Blues song..."Im a soulman" and from the ancient king Soulemian or however it was spelled. Or maybe it was because my friends called me that irl because I am male, and my last name is Soule. Not really sure though.

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    he who brings misfortune

    Yea, this one comes from my bad days, to witch I tend to fall back into once in a while...

    I know there are many JinXes like me... but I am the only one with a big J and X...

    J in X was givven to me for my second name Jan (dutch). and the fact that I wanted X on a linux server I got together with some friends...

    it still runs

    But uses linux so be sure to get the CAPITALS right

    check it out someday...
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    Question User handles redux

    How about this blast from the past....
    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    zaddikim is the plural of zadok (and I know there's a Zadok552 or something in AO), an Aramaic word from about 2000 years ago, associated with the Essene community in ancient Jerusalem. Zadok means either "son of light" or "Son of truth", (but my memory is a little fuzzy on that point). I just was struck by the power of the word itself, not for any specific religious significance. I've used it for about 7 or 8 years now. there are a few "zaddikim"' out there, but there are usually numbers appended to them. Works for me.

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