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Thread: Hi I'm new

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    Hi I'm new

    Hi I just wanted to say hi. I just signed up for this board, so far it seems pretty cool. I'm a student taking programming courses right now I hope to get my associates degree in the next year. I'm 20 years old from San Jose, California. My cousin freeOn is signed up on this board he's the one who told me about it, he's said alot of good things about the people and the helpfull information.

    So can anyone explain to me the does and don'ts of this board, and who has good advice and who are the ones that don't. That way I know who is giving me right info. I'm really not to concerned about security but more with programming, and that kind of stuff.

    Well I hope to be as helpfull as possible


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    just be yourself....

    no do's or don'ts... just like in real life their are gray areas...
    follow the golden rule...

    dont just believe something bc it is said here go to your schools library and research it, or research it on the internet...

    have fun
    Bradley Lamar

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    Well, anyone that dosn't flame you usually has good information. Most of the top posters on here are very helpful. . . such as Terr, Negative, & Ennis.
    This link may help you some. Hope your experience on AO is a good one.

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    Welcome, I suppose just be yourself and watch out for the Antionline flame.

    Be sensible and you will get along fine.
    Good luck.

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    Im new here also. But unlike yourself, I have never had an opportunity to study programing or anything else. In short I know nothing. You can never know the sinking frustrating feeling of just trying to decipher what all this means . To say Im a sitting duck is an understatement . I read as much as I can , but its impossible to learn by myself. Even if I did know enough to ask a sensible question, I doubt I would ask in a web forum. Very few folks come to forums to help anyone. Instead the forums are used as grandstands for knowledge-able individuals to act big in front of their peers , and to take turns Flaming the less fortunate for sport. Good Luck.

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    My only suggestion is don't ask how to hack or break into anything. You will get flamed and lose a bunch of antipoints if you do.
    Other that that be yourself and stay out of trouble.
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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    Thumbs up

    Hey Tommy most on this site are not like that when I joined up I did not know much, about all was how to turn on the computer and use my modem. Now about 6 months of reading and asking questions I now can reformat my hard drive and have received all kinds of good advice on what type of software to use. All I can say is ask your questions and you will get the right answers.
    No good deed goes unpunished.

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    Welcome and hope you enjoy the site!

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    you can get tons of help online - web forums and mailing lists, irc, search engines like google.. also try a few things out yourself, the best way to learn something is to practise it, and ask lots of questions, and do a lot of research - because sometimes you will get the answer only after a lot of patience and effort.
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    Hey what's up cuz, I'm glad you finally took my advice. There are lots of nice people here that will help you out with your computer questions. You will also find some things that you didn't know and should know about software and hardware. Well I got to get going talk to you later. And try not to get flamed lol.

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