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Thread: linux and my sound card

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    linux and my sound card

    i have suse 6.4 and when i boot up it says my sound card is out of range, i've tried everything in yast but i cannot get my soundcard set up right. it is a sb pci 512. any ideas?
    (i'm pretty new to linux, so it might be something simple.)
    Bradley Lamar

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    Sound card problems

    I would

    cd /lib/modules/2.x.x/kernel/sound and make sure that you have
    all of the modules that the instructions for the sound card say you need to have inserted. These instructions can be found in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sound there should be a soundblster.txt file in here that describes proper kernel module insertion here.

    to see what modules you have loaded up do an


    If you still have a windows partition, and the sound card works in Windows, find out for sure what irq, dma, and iomem the card is using. They wil need to be the same values in Linux as well.
    In my experience with sound cards the two gotchas always seem to be the irq and dma.

    If you still need some help on this try going to they have a pretty good sound How-To there.

    Hope this helped.
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    Hey if you still are having problems you can go to and buy there sound driver/module thingy it saved me a lot of time rather then wasting hours on end trying to get onboard sound to work under slackware...hope this helps

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