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Thread: jesus saves

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    jesus saves

    i believe in jesus, what do you guys believe?
    Bradley Lamar

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    jesus saves....

    but Michael Owen scores on the re-bound.

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    I believe in Linux.

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    I used to believe in Jesus and of course with Jesus come's God, but I dont know what happened to me but one day I was like nope. No God.

    However I reckon if you believe in God there is and if you don't well there isnt if you get me.

    There's some philosopher's here I would be interested in their opinions on the matter.

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    \"SI JE PUIS\"

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    Originally posted by Ennis
    I used to believe in Jesus and of course with Jesus come's God
    That's what I have a problem with, Ennis... I'm pretty sure there once was a very nice and friendly guy named Jesus.
    Nothing wrong with christianity (as in 'act like Jesus would have').
    But a god? No, thanks... And don't even start about catholicism and the pope... yuks...

    What kind of god are we talking about anyways?
    An all-knowing, interventionist god? The idea alone scares me...
    'It was Gods wish' and stuff...yuks...

    Like (some) kids have an imaginary 'friend' they have interesting conversations with, and they 'use' when in need of shelter, (some) grown-ups have a god they can turn to... Nothing wrong with that, but I believe in taking my life into my own hands...
    God is opium for the people... And a strong opium, if u ask me... Used by demagoges to get whatever they want.

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    I recommend reading Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialog by Neale Donald Walsch. It presents a pantheist/deist view. Atheists may like it, as you can easily replace the word "god" for the word "universe". Most Christians will find it sacreligious.

    I do not agree with the book in it's entirety, but it's major points are things I have always known.

    but I believe in taking my life into my own hands...
    The book insists that we are free and responsible for ourselves, as I too firmly believe.

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    The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis.

    This one has been floating around, and I've added some more-specialized techie references and 'leet' (heh)-speak, and I've REALLY embellished it. - Terr

    "One day, Jesus and Satan decide to have a programming contest. This was after the J-man had seriously pissed off Satan, when he fragged Satan just as he was yelling: "3y3 0\/\/N3|) j33s|_|$". Anyway, God referees. Even though he favors we-know-who, he's a good guy, so he'll be impartial."

    "So they both sit down at their computers, and start to program. Hours go by, and a great deal of soda is consumed. (In one case it gains heavenly benediction, in the other case the soda becomes accursed. Mythology has it that the rivalry of Pepsi and Coca Cola came from this, but nobody is sure which drink was drunk by who.) And then, in the final hour, a star goes 'nova somewhere in the circuit breaker and they have a power outage. (Reinforcing the idea that the universe is a machine set it motion by God, running independently, but as God intended beforehand.)"

    "Satan curses at his computer, and boots up again, Jesus forgives the computer. Now, with only 30 minutes left on the clock, Satan goes on a real programming frenzy, but Jesus looks unperturbed. When the time is up, God asks them both to run their programs so that they can see who has done the better job. Naturally, they both did it in Universe++."

    "Satan's is pretty good, but then Jesus runs his, and the media blows everyone away... Everyone is so astounded that they are blinded by love temporarily. When the flashbang clears, God announced that Jesus is the winner. Satan has been pw33ned. Satan yells that Jesus must have an aimbot, but God replies..."

    "Of course Jesus won. When the power outage occured, you had to start all over... but when he works on things, Jesus Saves."
    I jus thought that had something to do with the title of the thread.
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    I believe in coffee and the Simpson's.

    "Save me Jeebis!"

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    God and Jesus

    I believe in GOD and I believe that one day, his son (Jesus) walked on this earth.
    But, in my opinion this subject shouldn't matter to anyone but each one of us.
    i repeat, it's my opinion.
    \"The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm...

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