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Thread: MSN messenger IP

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    MSN messenger IP

    is it possible to get someones IP from MSN messenger without having them send you an e-mail?

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    I read somewhere that if you send them a file, and they accept, then while the file ins transferring you go into a DOS prompt and type

    netstat -a

    you should be able to determine their IP from the list. However... I don't think it works, cos the file transfers appear to go through the MSN servers anyway.
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    Post re:

    I tryed and you only get the last part of the IP adres

    so Ip adres of friend was

    I did the trick and got:
    like you see 24164 is the only match
    but you got the server too

    but not much use
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    Like i said... it goes thru MSN servers, which need to know the IP address, but won't reveal it back to you... not that way anyway...

    I'll have a look round on the rest of the net for stuff about this, but if you really want to find out how to get an IP address thru messenger you should be doing the research... I'm just very helpful - even when i have too much stuff to do of my own!
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    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
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    hmm...why do you want his IP? (evil laughter in background?) well, just for informational purposes, you might want to view my post on nslookup tracerout and ping by one of the new members.

    MSN will most likely always use a server when sendingthings.. that makes it more "safe"

    AIM will use direct connect if both using ver 4.5 or 4.7. send a pic

    also, icq makes direct connections... i still cringe thinking about what you think you will do with "his" IP number.

    if for some reason, you ahve a non malicious reason for needing it, post again, and i'll be more than ahppy to help

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    oh and by the way netstat is a good tool. learn how to use it. .but if you havne the time, there is a lot of IP Monitor software that helps out with that too.. some wille ven resolve the ip to a connection name such as centurytel internet or seomthing.

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    That is your friends connection name, for example the IP address for the modem in the modem pool that he was dialing into...
    If you ping, you will see the IP address in brackets next to it...

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    well I know now

    make sure your proxy server is off (internet options)

    then send or receive an file throw msn
    and then while the file is transferring type "netstat -n"
    in the dos screen

    you will be able to see the other persons whole IP adres..

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    If you can get the last part of their IP, and you know what ISP they use, simply find what the netblock for that isp is, and you have his whole IP address. A netblock is a block of IPs an isp is given to use, eg - is iPrimus (Australian isp)'s block of Ip's. These ip's are designated for their use only.

    So, if you know what isp he uses, find out their netblock and you have his whole ip, as the netblocks always (i *think* always) have the same two first numbers.

    I have a good whois tool called IPlookup. I can't remember where i got it but i think it was from (i think). Any will do though. Or you can go to, etc....there are around 20 internet registration sites with whois servers, and tools will just use these for you, rather than you have to type out everything from telnet or your browser.

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