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Thread: nuke nabber

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    Question nuke nabber

    Can someone tell me what nukenabber does ?

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    nukenabber is an evil port-monitor... don't run it.. see (ShieldsUP!) for more details...
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    Basically it pretends to be a default NetBus installation, so that you can see who tries to connect to you, thinking that you are infected and easy prey. But why bother running it anyway? There is no reason to run it except to try to draw attention to yourself.
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    Yeah ussing a nukenabber is asking for someone to try and hack you.

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    I remember It used to be very common in hacking texts, in the late 90's thats probably where you've got it from.


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    We dug this one up from the archives

    Original post was in 2001! Interesting enough is the subject of the thread. Back then I used nuke nabber backed up with a good firewall and the combo worked fairly well. But Nuke Nabber did draw additional attention to my existence on the internet, making my firewall take some extra hits. I still have a 1998 version on a floppy. I won't be loading it up again

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