If I see a game I want, one of my feinds have it and ill burn it.

If the program is not compatiable with my OS, Ill change the OS to use that program.

If I decide to get on the computer, My girlfreind comes home and complains im on it too much.

Every time I am DL a file my lan line company wants to do repairs So im cut off.

Just when my nortons antivirus expires, I get unknown viruses or a new virus comes out.

Every time I DL a new Hackers tool it doesnt self install itself when clicked on.

Every time I put a new game on this system that says it is compatiable with it. I need to dl a .dll or a new driver.

The time I get on my computer, My girl freind wants to talk or play around.

Bill Gates if I was your bose you would have been canned a long time ago!