Hi everybody.

I'm The_Chaotic_1, my friends call me Chaotic. I used to hang out on a couple of "underground" boards but some were too full of script kiddies to actually learn anything and the one that I actually did like was legally constrained so heavily that it stopped free discussion of security issues.

I'm currently running Mac OS 8.6 on a blueberry iMac and Windows 98 (urgh...) on my 50 second hand PC. I was running Red Hat 7.0 on it, but since my friends who I'm collaborating with on some projects are running and developing for Windows I switched temporarily to the evil OS. I'm actually quite enjoying tearing Windows to bits and putting it back together again in a more pleasant way.

My site is at http://homepages.about.com/thechaotic1

I hope to learn a lot here from people who know more than me, and I hope that I can share my limited knowlege with others.