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Thread: Breaking Out, not In

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    Breaking Out, not In

    Hi Folks,
    I've been lurking and learning for a little while now and figured its time to jump in and introduce myself. I'm pretty much a newbie as far as networks and security goes so please excuse my ignorance. Hopefully someday I too will be able to make a valid contribution to the aquisition of knowlege in the way you guys have.

    I have a question... At work i'm on a unix based network (SCO 7.1.1); access is via dumb terminals and ancient 38' and 486's running dos 6.22. When I log on I'm locked into an archaic office suite (Office Power xtra v5 - yuk!). I was rather hoping to find a way of breaking out of this and finding an alternative way of navigating our Network to see whats around.

    I've sussed how to get to a dos prompt while logged on so I figured I should I should be able to run dos based utilities. I also thought about installing my own telnet client and trying to bypass the usual process that keeps me locked down. Does anyone have any suggestions they'd care to share?

    As the saying goes, "a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step".

    Regardz, Ellis.

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    While what you are trying to do may seem harmless, its a pretty good way to get yourself fired... unless of course you are one of the tech staff....

    I wouldn't recommend doing it... if you really have a problem with the current system you are utilizing, get your collegues together and try to pressure the company to update its system.

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    Thanks for the reply and advice Matty, its appreciated. However, you know what it's like when there's a places you want to go to and there's an obstacle in the way....

    While the office suite is a pain that's not the problem. It's getting to see the underlying system that really interests me. I've figured how to check out other peoples folders (where I have permission of course) from within the app (not that this is of any real interest) but it would just be nice to hit a Unix command line if it's possible ('n I believe it is) and take it from there.



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