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    Alright, so it's my first post on here, so be gentle.

    My friend is in need of a laptop and I am actually a "newbie" when it comes to the knowledge of laptops.
    He's not the most "computer literate" person I know, so he's not looking for a system that I'm sure all of us would love to have. (ie, more mhz, ram, OS types..etc...)

    So, my question is: What would be the best laptop for him to get? His budget is around $1,400, give or take a few dollars. He's not looking for anything that would out-run his Ford Ranger, speed-wise, but something that won't crash and/or try his already-minimal patience. Also, where could he find it at? For example, internet site, an actual store, etc...
    I'd appreciate any information on this topic, and/or answers or suggestions.
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    66, what i use, great deals can be found there on anything, heres what i found for what you want

    1.2GHz processor, 64mb max. video, WITH WINdows 98/ME. Pentium III 1.2Ghz, 13.3inch TFT, 128MB RAM (512 max), 10gb (40gb max), 56k, 10/100, 24X, case (DVD/CDRW option). plus it has free shipping $1228

    hope that helps
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    As far as I can tell you, the rules for laptops are basically the same as other computers. Stay away from Compaq, E-Machines, and Packard Bell. I don't know if all of them make laptops. Also stay away from Celeron and Pentium 4 processors. Other than that, you should be fine.

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    Well, a personal preference of mine is either Apple's Ti-Book (out of the price range and probably wrong OS) and/or IBM's laptops (I'm presently using an A20m with 192MB of Ram, 12GB HD and 15 inch LCD). Very nice. The IBMs, used at our school, take quite the beating and seem to survive it all.

    I've have friends who have used Toshibas and others who have used Dells with positive results.

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    I would agree with the staying away from compaq laptops, although they actually do have some good features for people who are not the most computer literate.... like the recovery disks n crap like that... but they have another advantage.. they are hard to break.. I dropped my compaq laptop quite a few times, and the bastard still works.. *which sucks, I want a new one from insurance*

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    Love my SparcBook, but your friend probably wouldn't ;p

    He can pick up a nice used IBM Thinkpad 240 for about $550 now, is under 3 pounds, about a 6 gig HD, and Celeron 400 I believe, not a bad laptop for someone that isn't a "power user"


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    laptops are made by the gov't don't but them.

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    My friend has a Hewlett-Packard laptop. He had dropped it a few times with no problem, but this time something in it broke. He sent it to Hewlett-Packard and within 3 days it was back and fully functional. (I swear this is true.) He couldn't believe it!

    On the other hand...

    Another friend had a Compaq laptop... When it broke he sent it back to Compaq for repairs. It got back in 3 weeks and still didn't work.

    Point made.

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    Apple iBooks are nice for people that have no clue. The have a decent amount of speed, they have a decent amount of everything and they are around 1500 dollars.

    Or, he could look for a used PowerBook g3 500 mhz fiirewire, or PowerBook G3 400mhz Firewire. I have the 400 mhz, and I bought it new, so I paid a on for it, but now you can find them for around 1500, and they absolutely rock. Two Firewire ports, two USB ports, S-Video out, VGA out, Sound in/out, modem, NIC, one PCMCIA slot (i've never used it, I mean the modem and the NIC are build it, and so its the firewire and USB)

    You can have upto two batteries in it, because it has an expansion bay that holds either a DVD-ROM, LS-120, Zip, CD-RW, or a Battery, I just have the stanard DVD-Rom drive and an LS-120, I want to get a second battery, then I could play UT for my entire train ride home instead of just half of it.

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    Get a Dell Inspiron 5000, good price, fast, portable, and has a full 15" LCD display. It will run Linux (Especially Mandrake 8) with this config. It B chillin.

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