Well, I suppose this is the obligatory "getting to know you" post, right? I've been reading Antionline for ages now, but have always been a bit more voyeuristic in nature. Still, now that its all been revamped to be so fresh and interactive (thanks JP!) I suppose I've gotta post something now and then, right? Basically, I'm a college student interested in computers. More specifically, I'm into hardware, networking, and, of course, information security. While I think that these fields leave a lot of room for growth in the way of learning, I'm really interesting in adapting these to the not-so-legal "hacker" (I hate using this term so loosely, forgive me) subculture from a criminological standpoint. I know, I'm just a barrel of fun, huh? I go to a school with a fairly weak computer science program, so I'm having to do a lot of independent research, hence my interest in a variety of websites of this nature, and I'm always willing for someone to post a reply to something and tell me just how wrong I am, so long as they correct me so I can carry something away from it. And, aside from all that, Kurt Vonnegut is the best author of all time. Yep, that about sums that up.

Thomas Buchanan