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Thread: crashing IE??

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    Arrow crashing IE??

    i posted this somewhere else in the forum before too..i hopeit wasn't here..anyways, once i found out that you type "c:/con/con" into ie 5.5 i think and it will for ot hers..i undertand that this is a old dos name for system resources such as lpt1 and stuff..but how and why does it work? thankx

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    It is not a glitch in IE, it is a glitch in Windows. There is a patch availible for it from Microsoft.

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    didn't happen to me, So sorry man I couldn't tell you how it works
    I would have to say one thing it did bring up a Ping from the website where I typed it in at. So I think it might stop the connection from a website that you are at.

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    The same thing happened to me freeOn I think your right
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    Angry It is a glitch in Windows

    Here is the info -

    How to crash someones computer on a windows 9x network -

    In theory this technique should allow you crash anyone on your LAN (local area network, i.e. your office/college network) provided they are using Windows 9x (95/98/Millenium?). I am told that this will not crash computers running NT or 2k - although I have not been able to test this.

    Has anyone heard of the "win98-con" or "con\con" crash? Well the general idea is this (I wonder how many of you will do this!!):

    Go to start menu
    Choose Run
    Type "\con\con"

    Ok, now I will pause for a little while so that the people who tried that have enough time to reboot their computers!! tum tee tum...

    When you try to go to a place with \con\con in the name - boom! you will recieve the blue screen of death (the windows crash screen) and you will have to reboot. So trying to go to:


    will also crash the computer. This exploit is present in all versions of win 95 and 98. Have you ever tried to create a folder and call it 'con' ? - well try won't let you. This is because con is kind of like a "reserved" word. Con is not the only one though, there are a few more - but the only other one I can remember is 'Aux'. \aux\aux should also produce the desired effect.

    I though this was pretty cool, especially to do to peoples computers when they aren't watching! But apprently it gets even better!

    You can use this \con\con thing to crash any computer you like on a network using a small link in html code. There is one restriction though, the computer you are going to crash MUST have at least one shared directory. I will go more in depth into file sharing next volume. For now, to check whether a computer has a share you can use the Nbtstat.exe program (which comes with windows and runs in msdos).

    To use Nbtstat to find out if a computer is sharing - in dos type:

    Nbtstat -a <target computers IP>

    If you get anything useful back, look at the column under says "Name". This is a list of the share names - which is what we are interested in.

    Actually to be honest, its probably easier if you find out what shares are on your computer...since most networked computers are set up exactly the same. To find what shares you have, type:

    Nbtstat -n

    Once you have a share name, create a new web page, and place a link like the one below:

    " Click here to Crash your target! "

    ( Except without the " )

    You will have to modify that link above slightly:

    Replace "target" with the name of the computer (or the IP? Haven't tried that...should work) you want to crash

    Replace "share" with share name you found

    Now load the web page up and click the link - you should see the targets computer screen turn blue!

    Thats why it crashes.

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    click here to download the patch from microsoft to fix this

    i found this when searching the monopoly websi..i mean microsoft's website :0

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    The /con/con is a pretty outdated bug. BTW Windows wont let you create a folder called con because the name is reserved by MS-DOS. I think it is a reserved file name.... I read this somwhere on AO if anyone knows what im talking about just reply with the link

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    Glitch in the glitch

    Hey guys I crashed my laptop with this and when the BSOD came up I hit alt-f4 and it went away. The laptop was fine no active desktop crash or anything. My pc that I crashed it with remotely, you know the file://target/share thing, froze up.
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    also do this....

    If you stick a link in a page where the object is c:/con/con and someone clicks it (unpatched on a vulnerable version) it will crash. On one of the win98 boxes I use it will usually BSOD until i het a key 4 or 5 times then it goes away but then desktop/everything else is locked up till reboot. On one it screws up the video card ( an older s3 Virge card ) where after reboot everything is yellow (tinted). The machine has to be left off for at least an hour before the video returns to normal (---Anyone have any idea why it does this?---).

    I think that you can also link to "c:/clock/clock" with the same effects, I've seen a lot of talk about the con/con but little of the clock/clock though I bet the patch for con/con covers clock/clock also (not positive tho)


    HTML Code:
    Crash Link

    Crash Link


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    HTML not needed

    Hey again,

    You don't need to mak awebpage. I just yped file://godzil/c/con/con and hit <enter>. My laptop BSOD'd ad I had to tap my alt-f4 ky.
    What do you mean you don\'t have a backup disk?

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