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Thread: Linksys Router/Firewall

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    I just installed a linksys wireless router for my network today, as a matter of fact. It works just flawlessly, as advertised. Very good if the computers you are networking are a distance away from eachother and very good if they are laptops. It's a hell of a lot better than running cords through the walls.

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    Thumbs up Linksys

    I personally think there the Cats PJ's

    Linksys makes a real fine product.
    I have installed them on Cable Modems
    ADSL and SDSL systems with no problem.
    Use the newest flash update.

    I have used one here at my shop
    for almost a year without a major
    problem. You have to re-boot them every
    3-4 months but that takes 3 secs.
    and I even have domains on several of them.

    I have seen them for the single porters at
    79.95 at Best Buy and 8 port switches at 189.95
    when available. 4 ports at 139.95

    Bad point at times is the DHCP can be a pain
    so I ususally use internal static series
    of ip's like to 254
    But the new flash seems to fix DHCP.

    I even used one on a Cisco 677 router
    so the customer could have a wireless
    hub as well and with 4 ports and
    wireless at 299.95 ?? not a bad deal
    but be careful of your security.

    Franklin Werren

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    Got one of the Linksys 1 port routers and threw a 5 port hub onto it. I think it's a really slick little unit. The latest firmware "stealths" any un-routed incoming traffic...quite a few by default. I've still got a personal firewall running on my PC, but it hasn't red-flagged since I put the router up. One of the really cool things you can do is have it log inbound and outbound traffic. That way you can see just what kind of activitiy is going on. Dshield has a list of good Linksys log viewers for most major OS's, which makes it really easy to know just what's happening and see who's knocking on the doors and jiggling the locks.

    I think it's still a good idea to leave your personal firewall installed, just as a backup, but this is a great little box.

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    I also enjoy my Linksys router......Im running the router into a HUB, so my roommates can also have internet acces. It helps me beat CableVision(my CABLE provider), so I only have to pay from one comp .......Of course, I also run ZoneAlarm fot added security...Case gives it a ...Money is very tight when your in College!

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    Lightbulb Log viewer

    If you want to get the most out of your router, I would suggest using linksys' logviewer. Props to Pr0ph3t for telling me about it..............

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