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Thread: Learn Linux Here!

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    Exclamation Learn Linux Here!

    Ok ..

    Anyone care running linux inside and out for the newbies..

    where are the harddrives allocated. how do u access them what is mounting.. etc. etc.. i know this will be a long forum.. but lets make it a linux learning experience.. the problem is that people dont understand linux.. and if some linux users post the commands and some howto's (IN the form not links) it would be great!
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    Linux Documentation Project [ LDP ]

    Try the Linux Documentation Project [ LDP ] it is an absolutely fantastic resource for understanding LINUX issues. From the basics to more advanced security and networking stuff. Manuals(Books) are in various formats, Online HTML / Offline HTML zipped / PDF / TEXT / SGML / PostScript

    URL ...

    Such Guides as the following from

    * Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide *

    * LDP Author Guide *

    * Linux From Scratch *

    * The Bugzilla Guide *

    * Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals *

    * Linux Consultants Guide *

    * Securing and Optimizing Linux Red Hat Edition - A Hands on Guide *

    * The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition *

    * Linux Administrator's Security Guide *

    * The Linux System Administrators' Guide *

    * The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide *

    * The Linux Network Administrators' Guide *

    * The Linux Programmer's Guide *

    * The Linux Users' Guide *

    * The Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide *

    * Installation and Getting Started Guide *

    * The Linux Kernel *


    All free, ABSOLUTELY fantastic! join the LINUX revolution. Why bother even trying to re-write this stuff, it's been written so well already.


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    1. Go to store and buy a boxed version of linux for $19.95 with the money you made mowing lawns and walking dogs this summer.

    2. Read the manuals in the box, maybe even twice

    3. Install it

    4. Don't secure it

    5. Compile your .c script and become a packet monkey

    6. Log on IRC and brag about your fresh linux install

    7. Get rooted and locked out of your own box by a 13 year old with his fresh winlinux install

    8. Reinstall windows 98 and go back to playing quake

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    That's brilliant advice SyXX, now just cus I'm resting my elbows on your head doesn't mean I haven't got the greatest respect for you.


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    Im having problems because of this stupid winmodem that I have. Also I can't get either of my cdroms to work. I have a friend with red hat who is helping me, but she is annoyed with my seemingly endless amount of stupid questions. Finally the bootloader Lilo always freezes up and I have to use my boot disc to get it going.
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    In response to ThePreacher's original question, I'll work on a few tutorials over the next week on installation and troubleshooting of linux installs (I will probably stay with Red Hat as it is, IMHO, the most widely used of all the distro's).

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    I doubt anyone would go so far as to cover all of Linux for newbies(or atleast try to cover all of it).

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    Re: ambitious request

    That could take the better part of a week or more to write in a format that would guarantee that the largest number of users would understand it. I have a site that I am working on for just such a thing including some very advanced stuff as a sort of diary of my learning experience thing. I will post a link to it when I am ready to have people see it.

    By the way, Quake/QuakeII/QuakeIII/Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Doom II/Doom/Hexen/Hexen II/Heretic/Wolf3D all run fine on my uber linux box. No need to run windows to play the best games ever written. /* John Carmack codes their games on Linux boxen */

    Here is my suggested reading and resources for all Linux and FreeBSD newbies.

    Linux Sites
    Linux How-To's galore
    Linux eclectic compendium
    Linux Magazine
    Linux for Newbies
    Linux Newbie Administrators Guide
    Download Linux iso's.

    These should get you started on your way.

    FreeBSD sites
    FreeBSd Diary
    Intoduction to Unix
    For peopler new to FreeBSd and Unix
    FreeBSD How-To's for the lazy and hopeless

    Some recommended books:
    Hacking Linux Exposed, McGraw Hill, ISBN 0-07-212773-2
    Linux in a Nutshell, O'reilly, ISBN 0-596-00025-1
    Building Internet Firewalls, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-871-7
    Learning Perl, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-284-0
    Programming Perl, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-149-6
    Porting Unix Software, O'reilly, 1-56592-126-7
    C for Linux Programming in 21 Days, SAMS, ISBN 0-672-31597-1
    Unix Hints & Hacks, QUE, ISBN 0-7897-1927-4
    Learning the bash shell, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-347-2
    Learning the vi Editor, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-426-6
    Unix Power Tools, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-260-3
    Understanding the Linux Kernel, O'reilly, ISBN 0-596-00002-2
    Linux Network Administrator's Guide, O'reilly, ISBN 1-56592-400-2
    Linux Device Drivers, O'reilly, ISBN 0-596-00008-1

    Genericly speaking, I would recommend that you check out,
    they have books on a huge variety of technical subjects for computing. I have found their books to be my favorite.

    Also check out the RFC's at , they are your best resource on many subjects as they are written by the developers of that particular [$thing], examples, tcp/ip/udp/smtp etc. etc. etc.

    Hope this helped
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    Uberc0der great post, well I know what books to purchase.

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    Originally posted here by MsMittens
    In response to ThePreacher's original question, I'll work on a few tutorials over the next week on installation and troubleshooting of linux installs (I will probably stay with Red Hat as it is, IMHO, the most widely used of all the distro's).
    I'll give you a hand with any files that may help a noob if you would like. I don't have the time to compile a tut. But, I have a bunch of .pdf e-books on linux and some .txt files as well. Everything from beginners guides to compiling code and yes, security docs and tuts too. Yada, yada, yada. If you need anything pm me and I can email them to you or upload them to ye' ole web server and you can download them.

    For the noobs. Linux is cool after you get the hang of it. It's a little frusterating at first. After you get the hang of it, you'll love it. Just remember, forget Windows and how it works when you start. Have a new mindset going.
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