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Thread: Problem with FTP

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    Question Problem with FTP

    Listen I wrote this for all the people who try to help others without flaming everybody so if your reading just so you can reply with something stupid dont waste your time...

    My friend and I have been playing games hacking back and forth into each others computers. Well I have been working on hacking his ftp site for a while now ( with his permission of course ) and I have finally logged in with "root" access...but to stop him from knowing im in already i want to edit his log file. How do I do that? I dont like windows and I dont like DOS but I use what I can use right now. So in FTP on DOS how do I get a list of things to choose from inside his system ( and yes i have tried ls, and dir ) and it gives me me ??

    Tell me what Im doing wrong!!



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    It could depend on where the FTP service is sending you once you've logged into the system. If the FTP server is IIS, chance are you're probably in a directory on the HD called C:\inetpub\ftproot. Your friend would have to have some type of virtual directory set up to C:\ if they are not showing absolute paths in their FTP service. You'd have to know that virtual directory's name in order to change directory to it.

    If you issue the command pwd once you're in the system, it should tell the directory you're in. If it comes back as / with nothing in it, you're probably in the FTP root. If you can figure out if he's got a virtual directory set up to his C:\ drive, just use the cd command to change to that directory. Then, it's just like DOS from then on out.

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