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Thread: Winme Registry!!!!!!

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    Winme Registry!!!!!!

    Ok.. Quick q that needs a REAL quick answer..

    Where the fux0r is the registry file stored in windows me?

    I need to delete it and do a fresh registry....

    Actually... No.. I just have an evil streak and feel that deleting my computers registry would be a nice thing to do since my fux0ring pc is a piece of ****.. Depriving my pc from its core.. yes....

    Oh yes...

    Die computer!

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    Exclamation No

    You do realize that your windows me relies on that registry to work right? You can't just delete it - it is always being used by your system. You also can't just replace it. I mean, it stores all the configuration for your system such as hardware etc.

    In other words - no.

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    I believe that they are stored in user.dat & system.dat ...

    although I wouldn't recommend deleting them.. but hey, why listen to me....

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