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Thread: astalavista

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    Post astalavista

    i have found many good things on, mostly good tutorials, thats all i get from there, its a good site,

    they do advertise too much for their books, "how to hack windoze", and they want you to sign on and pay money to be a member of,

    otherwise they have alot of good tutorials, go check them out
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    They have a lot more there! Cracks, softwares and ofcourse the pop-ups and banner (of interest to some)!!

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    i'd back it up too, they do have very good tutorials but it is a bitch, them wanting you to sign up and all. but hey, i ain't signing up and paying money, FRRREEEELLOOOOOAADDDEERRR


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    a bit warezish, but still a damn nice(and large too) site!

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    I have visited Astalavista for years and it still is great but all the pop ups, offering to becoming a member etc.
    It's like they need cash quick.

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    Talking popup killer

    Just install a popupkiller like the one in tweakXP.. or disable java/javascript
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    I went to their site while at my college, and I clicked on a link that made my desktop all of the sudden have a pornographic background, and made my home page on IE some porn site. The schools virus scanner came up and said there was a virus on an html file saved in temporary internet files. I deleted it and there were no other problems. Has anyone heard of this before? I downloaded nothing, and I ran no programs that werent already there.
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    Post HTML Virus

    Yea Preacher, I have, got that once I beleive, never happened again (just keep updating your AV like every week). It's not a dangerious virus, unless the user is malacious, but usually he or she just wants some quick money and hopes to God that you accidentially click on a banner or add. Other then that it's fine.
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    As far as I know, initially, this site was designed to capture the popularity of the "similar named site" from
    Ah well...I\'m back on AntiOnline!

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    Thumbs up

    I like too as well as Good tutorials and misc. materials available. Although, the damn pop-ups is really annoying.

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