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    i just wanted to say i have only recently signed up here at AO, but i love it..all the tutorial sections are great .i start out looking up one specific thing and end up spending hours getting sidetracked reading the vast collections of info..great job!!
    i do have one question .. i am totally new at it, but i got a version of linux someone sugested to me called zipslack, i am having troubles making it properly install,and none of the steps that were outlined are this a crappy linux distro or something? i cant seem to find anything to help...should i just get a different version? if so what kind? any help or advice you guys can offer will be greatly appreciated. thank you.
    (im really sorry if this seems like a lame 'newbie' question, but i really did try and see if i could get an answer in other tutorials first but i am at a loss.. and i really want to get linux going)

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    If memory serves i believe zipslack is a version of slackware that you can kinda install on top of windows, no repartition required, I dont really know a lot about it but i would suggest checking slackwares site (

    If you are serious about getting into linux though I would suggest going with a different distro, one that you cant just throw on a fat 32 drive - Mandrake or Red Hat are in my opinion the best for newbies - you will need to partition or get a new HD, but its worth it in the long run
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    yeah your right it does claim to be able to be installed with no partioning..that is why it was sugested to me..but i think i will just get a different version. oh and thanks for the link, that is actually where i got the download, but it didnt have any additional help.. oh well i think i would be better off getting a more well known distro.
    thanks for your help evil homer

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