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Thread: how can I get rid of invisible cookies of IE5

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    Unhappy how can I get rid of invisible cookies of IE5

    Does IE5 have potential cookies that can not be seen.and how can i get rid of it?
    thank you!

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    If you have a look through the archives, someone has linked to a page showing how to get rid of the bad history/cookies that IE versions keep....

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    Index.dat is a system file that keeps track of your web surfing. There is software out there that can pretty much clean your history and cookie folders, like Spiderbite, but your best bet is to manually delete index.dat from MS DOS everytime you boot your system.

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    Cool i have tutorial about that

    hey i have tutorial about removing coocis and hiden folders in Win 95\98 al post it today when i get home al poot it here ...
    ps.sry for speling mestakes
    gratez to all

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    Try looking into C:\WINDOWS\Cookies . All the cookies should be store there. You can select all and delete it. But somehow you can't delete some of it. So, you boot your computer from DOS and try deleting from DOS. If it does't work perhap's someone else got a better idea.

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    I have noticed that you cant delete the index in the cookies folder. I tried deleting under dos but it didnt work. All i could think of doing was opening it under notepad, selecting all then delete then replacing existing file. This works but i have noticed that IE runs real slow then. What exactly is the index any way?

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    Here are the commands to delete the files in DOS-


    Windoze keeps a copy of typed url's in the registry too. Run regedit and find the following keys and delete the entry.

    HKEY_USERS/Default/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/TypedURLs/
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/TypedURLs/

    After doing that you should be ok. Also, you could download the free version of Ad Aware and scan your hardrive for spyware...

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    Arrow index.dat!!

    i remember reading somewhere that index.dat file keeps track of the user habits but opening this file here at my win2k machine it doesn't show much except -
    Client UrlCache MMF Ver 5.2 @ €
    and some y y y y y characters.
    thats all.

    so i think probably this isn't the file to keep track of websites.

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    Under Windows 2K, there are lots of index.dat...

    Its probably just not the right one....

    I found 6 just from a quick scan.. and thats not including the ones that the file system is refusing to show me.....

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    Yeah there is somthing posted on http:\\ and then http:\\

    On the hack3r you have to brows the bboard and look for the Microsoft section there should be a tutorial there to remove them.
    It's labeld ultra hidden secret files.

    and Astalavista had it up last week or somthing it might have been two weeks ago. I know if you use the search engine for the (clean) and type that it in you will get a good tutorial.

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