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Thread: Linux sucks?

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    To those who have made presumptions about nullterminator's stand on this issue:

    Are you sure where nullterminator stands on the issue? He copied this article from Is it not possible he is posting it merely to bring the article and website to our collective attention? Where does he express his own opinion on the subject?

    The name of the thread suggests he is undecided on the issue, or wants our input: "Linux sucks?". Perhaps he is confused that there would be a website dedicated to such idiocy.

    I suggest you ask his opinion before you flame him for it.

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    I believe my area of expertise will be different from the majority of users on this site. I deal in large scale network management systems dealing application performance analysis and network forensics.

    To me computers are a profession not a hobby, this means they are entirely functional pieces of hardware. The system that does what I want with the minimal fuss is the system that gets used.

    For all my desktop general-purpose stuff it has to be Windows, it works with everything and itís easy.

    For analysis of High-speed networks, the platform I use is a Free BSD variant that has been heavily customized to offer the high performance required to analyse Gigabit speed + networks.

    I feel that the issue here is very technical people have the habit of getting very engrossed in very specific areas. Unix people stick with Unix, Mac people with Macs and so on, different operating systems are specialized for different things.

    If you wish to implement a budget custom system, Linux is a good platform to build around. However I donít care what performance increase Linux offers on a low end desktop, the difficulty of use is to great to justify when the cost of a high spec Windows PC is so low.

    I canít see Linux moving from a niche market for the next couple of years as it is to bloody difficult to use.

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    I don't think that Linux sucks... but I don't think that Windows sucks either... I believe that really they are for different purposes.. (please no-one make a comment about Windows turning you computer into an effective paperweight)..

    I believe that Windows is a perfect system to start off with.. it is a easy to use ( I say this lightly, Win, as all OS's can be a bitch) and unintimidating... It allows you time to learn to understand how your computer works, gain understanding of principles of operation...

    Linux on the other hand is rather intimidating, and can be quite hard to use.. but it is a learning leap, and a rewarding... Windows handles manages nearly all the computer for you... Linux gives you back that control.....

    I use Windows 2000 Advanced Server.. its stable, meets my needs, and I'm quite happy with it.. I want to move onto linux shortly. I just don't have time to read all the How-To's and stuff... I have installed Linux 6 times on my computer... all six times, I encountered a problem which, even for all my research couldn't find a solution to, and I had to revert to Windows because I needed my computer to do my studies...

    Linux does not suck.
    Nor does Windows.
    They serve different purposes(levels if you would)...

    Give me lines about Windows being horribly unstable, but hey, Microsoft is getting better at making their software stable..
    Both OS crash... its a undeniable fact....

    Give me lines about Windows being horribly insecure... I show you some statistics I read on another security site a while back, showing linux not far behind Windows for vulnerabilities discovered in that year.. *if you want to see these, I can find them but it will take some time*

    *realises he's rambling*
    I'm gonna stop now...
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    Linux is my primary OS of choice for PERSONAL computing. Want to see it crash? Put Oracle 9ias on it and try to make gig worth of queries. Solaris 8 my friend.

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    I can?t see Linux moving from a niche market for the next couple of years as it is to bloody difficult to use. [/B]
    First (before the flame cometh) I am glad to hear that you use FreeBSD. At "MY" large corporation we have benchmarked them all and FreeBSD came out the overall winner. If I am something of a Linux advocate, then I am definitely a FreeBSD zealot.

    I couldn't help but notice how near sighted that remark about Linux on the desktop was. A couple of points if I may:

    - Not long ago there was DOS, and joe user cringed in fear at that too. Then came Win3.1, and then Win95 and every since the common fool has been able to to a half dozen things on a computer.

    - I take it that you have not followed the Linux thing for very long. It was only 6 years ao that I installed my first copy of Slackware via a huge pile O' floppies. Back then there were only 7 usenet groups that really even talked about Linux.

    - Linux has been used in so many different ways. Embedded systems, Servers, Desktops etc.
    It was used for the graphics in Jurrasic Park, Titanic, and others, and that is probably where it is making it's mos notable growth. The high end graphic design market.

    - Linux and FreeBSD and rapidly replacing Windows on the desktop in the education sector (Grammer through University) in places like Japan, Europe, and korea. Much of how people feel about Windows is because they may have only been using computers for about 6 or less years and know nothing else.

    - Expect the toatlly unexpected from Linux. And remember that it is not one person or a small group, but people all over the world with unique ideas and needs for and end user product. I had no idea 6 years ago it would be where it is today. I don't even care to guess where it will be in 6 more years.
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    Linux does take a little extra time (and brains) to understand and configure. But once you start to get the hang of it the rewards far out way those of running a Windoze box.

    As the saying goes "Build a system a fool can use and only a fool will use it."

    I think that should be the start up screen for all Winblows OS.

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    My win98se computer has only crashed once, and that was a stupid hardware mistake that I made. The only other time that my computer went down for any period was after I installed linux. I am not bashing linux, in fact I still have high hopes for running a linux only system, but for now win98se will work. As for stability, the longest I have ever had my computer on without rebooting is 53 days(I had to turn it off to test some new hardware). Right now I am only 14 days into this run due to a blotched linux install.
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    Thumbs down Linux Sucks ?

    Linux Sucks huh ?

    That must be the reason ISP's use it for all their NMM and Mailing needs.

    That must be the reason Shrek was renderd on 80% linux boxes and the SGI's are piled outside.

    That must be the reason checkpoint claims 20% preformance gains on linux.

    I guess one oracle setup says it all .....

  9. #29 is running Apache/1.3.12 (Unix) madna/1.34 anses/1.10 FrontPage/ mod_ssl/2.6.6 OpenSSL/0.9.6a on FreeBSD

    I would think someone giving so much praise to win2k would atleast use it to host their site.

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    LOL. So is The site is running Apache/1.3.20 (Unix) PHP/4.0.6 on Linux.

    Interestingly, running Apache on Linux and is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000

    If you want to find out what a site is running go to:

    Nifty little site.
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