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Thread: Rants 242

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    Rants 242

    I've stopped posting, because I was getting negative antipoints for incessant babble, and I have better things to do. However, everytime I check back here, it seems like incessant babble written by others. Are there no good topics here? Bullshit hackers telling people that they hack.. Ha! A hacker would never tell someone that they hack... especially in a security forum. It's like going into a Police convention and announcing.. "I'm not a cop, I just vandalize vehicles." The posts have really gotten pretty bad. I used to post years ago, before AO reformatted their whole system, my account "Asphixia" was erased along with many other inactive accounts, why inactive? Well, the posts are repetetive and childish. Second, no one has a sense of humor. When people sent me "Lamer" negative antipoints for that Geek Test link, which I thought people enjoyed considering there were at least 40 responses, it makes me wonder why I even bother. I go to school full time, I go to work full time, why waste time posting comedy in a humorless society? I could be sleeping. Then we have posters that respond to their own posts 30 times, why? To waste precious memory, and to boost their own number of posts. Get a life. It's one thing to post something informative, sincere, or humorous, but posts which just confirm themselves for the 20th time are a pure waste. I'm done ranting for this post.


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    You might want to check out the Tutorials section. In addition, I'd humbly suggest that what you put in is what you get out. If you want better posts, post better (as it were). I've found to be far more selective in my responses and to what I'm responding to.

    In addition, I've been trying to create more tutorials as I find they add to the community as a whole and create new portals for discussion. =)

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    I try my best to be as informative and witty as I can be, but I'll agree with you most people here are wannabe hackers (hax0rz as they seem to be called). I come here to help with real issues, and if, so happen a "hax0r fux0r's" needs help with somthing legitmate, ill be glad to lend my expertise. I just get driven insane by some that constantly ask "hack this email for me" and so on and so forth. Mittens however is right as well. What you put in, is what you seem to get here.

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    Talking hello....

    Romancer as far as humour is concerned...i have posted two post ..they are some humourous lines...just check it out..if u want to.....



    hope u will enjoy pls stay calm...


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    Smile ..oo..OO..

    This post is particularly to Intruder and Pooja, I enjoyed your humor posts, and in the first one I read I witnessed the same response I was refering to. "What does this have to do with computers?" Ha! General discussion involves nothing with computers, it is just that, GENERAL. Computers get boring. You work with them, you play with them, you fall asleep on them and you eat on them (often getting crumbs into the crevices of the keyboard). Well, once again, I did enjoy your posts. And it is nice to see more open-minded people in the forums...


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    Man, dont stop posting, youre a funny guy!
    Im not sure what your opinion is of me but I always enjoyed your reckless humour. You will be sadly missed if you leave.

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    Yeah, I've liked your posts and those of all the other funny posters. I doubt anybody will come out and admit that they dislike you but you'll probably get some negative antipoints.

    Don't go man! Fight the serious people with no respect for humor!
    Why am I still here?

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    Re: Rants 242

    Originally posted by TeKRoMaNCeR one has a sense of humor. When people sent me "Lamer" negative antipoints for that Geek Test...
    You shouldn't worry about getting negative Antipoints. If your posts have valid points people will listen. Eventually everything will work itself out. Do you think JP would continue this system if it wasn't fair and people were abusing it?
    Would you like to play a game?

    How about Global Thermonuclear War?

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    I.. I..

    I think I'm gonna cry..... Damn heating ducts, blasting right in my eyes.. Thanks for the support, It is nice to see that there are more open-minded individuals in the forums then I thought..
    I do enjoy most of your posts.. And replying to them, and receiving replies from the members I value. Mainly the ones who have matured but not withered.. Thanks again... Look forward to new posts.. =]:

    Elen sila lumenn omentielvo..

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    Don't go. Your post are fun to read. There needs to be some fun some people are too serious. Like you said before it is just GENERAL, which means anything that you want to say. If there was no people like you and intruder, and all the others that decide to not talk about computers every second of every day, then this place would get very boring. I'm not saying that I would rather not talk about computers because I love computers its just that I need to talk about other things and get my mind off of computers sometimes.

    Keep it up.
    [gloworange]\"A hacker is someone who has a passion for technology, someone who is possessed by a desire to figure out how things work.\" [/gloworange]

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