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    I am playing a Hacker game at I passed the first level by looking at the source code to get the password. The second one did not have the password in the source. The passsword boxes are programed in Flash. I downloaded the two files that made up this box, but could not find the password there. If you guys could set me in the right direction for this I would be very happy. PLEASE DO NO GIVE ME THE PASSWORD THOUGH!

    The two files for the box are attached!

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    perhaps we need a wargames forum?

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    Hello sandsword2,

    I believe it is, after your post I got curious and took a look at the problem you were talking about.

    If you would like the password, open the Flash SWF File with a text editor and look for the following: txtUsername & txtPassword, the text that appears after these two word are the username & password.

    Good Luck! I hope this has helped you.
    Simon Templer

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    Thanks alot I passed the level and am to level 5. I will have to work on it though.

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    yes.. good suggestion....although if you mean a forum for the movie...well, it has lost it's appeal.....

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